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  1. I came from the Hankook Dynapro AT'm. The Hankook was great.. lasted 42,400 miles with heavy towing and plowing each day. So far the EXO Grapplers are wonderful. Very quiet! You can hear the lugs working at low speeds 5-15mph then its basically silent. Excellent wet/ rain traction. Very pleased so far. Now if I can get 40,000miles out of them:)
  2. Nitto EXO Grappler experience?

    Finished product:)
  3. Nitto Exo Grappler 275/70/18 Happy with them so far.
  4. Sure enough it was a MOLD issue. Discount Tire is taking care of it and Nitto is sending me a new one.. Thanks for the help guys! I'll post pics once the tires are on.
  5. Lifetime average after 41,900 miles has been 9.8 mpg. Thats towing each day or moving snow..
  6. I agree with all of you.. The tire shop said the current tire will fine, no safety issue.. I really don't want to find out the hard way. I demanded a new tire this afternoon.. Waiting to hear back from them.
  7. Should I be concerned? Brand new Exo Grappler never mounted. Picked up from tire shop.. Realized this small blemish at our shop.. Tire Shop says it is fine. Should I be worried?
  8. Nitto EXO Grappler experience?

    Still haven't mounted tires... I found this on one of the tires.. Should I be concerned?
  9. Nitto EXO Grappler experience?

    To answer my question.. It appears the side lugs with siping will eventually wear off.. But the sipes in the lugs will stay with lifetime of lug.
  10. My 15 6.0 used to jerk at lower speeds/ taking off from a stop/ taking turns while towing 8,000lbs every once in a while... A custom tune solved most of my issues. The jerking is gone now
  11. Nitto EXO Grappler experience?

    Picked up Exo Grapplers today... Have not mounted yet.. They look great in person.. My only concern is... The sipping looks to utilize only half the lug.. The sips don't appear to use the whole lug only half? So as the tire wears the sipping is gone... Hopefully I'm wrong.
  12. My buddy has Bose in his 15 half ton.. I have the base 8" touch screen non bose speakers... I honestly can't tell a difference in sound quality. If that helps.
  13. The new Diesels do look nice.. I went 6.0 for a few reasons.. Sits outside in the cold- no gelling issues. (plow truck) $9k cheaper EASY to Maintain No emissions issues. At the time gas was cheaper than diesel fuel At 42,000 miles on my 15 6.0 NO issues what so ever. It pulls trailers daily. I'm very happy with it.. I have a custom tune on it as well... It pulls as good or better (in town) than our 05 LLY duramax. Both are great engines.

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