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    2017 Colorado 2.8 Duramax Z71 4x4
  1. Elite E2 Catch Can and Seperator

    Separator sold. Catch Can $90
  2. Have a E2 Catch can and clean side seperator. Used for about 8k miles. I don't have hoses for the seperator. SOLD
  3. I've ran a can my 5.3 GAS motors for last couple years. I wasn't even aware a diesel needed a catch can until looking through some different posts over there. Just curious before spending $300 on the might mouse solutions set up or similar. I've only got 256 miles on mine, so a little time to decide if needed.
  4. That's good to know about holding their value. I would love the mpg, just uncertain if it's enough rough for musical equipment i carry weekly in crew 1500. Im definitely closer to pulling the trigger, especially everytime i relflect on possibility of getting 20+ mpg.
  5. Thanks for all replies. The truck I'm looking at is a crew z71 4x4 colorado with duramax. MSRP is 42,595. 40k is as low as they will go. How much, if any more will room do they have?
  6. I'm in talks with my dealer, but $2200 is the most he will come off at this point. So, I'm still debating the trade.
  7. In my area of TX: 2.07 GAS 2.15 DIESEL
  8. For me, it wouk For me, it would be more than 1 mpg. I can manage 18.5 highway. I'm looking at the duramax colorado and yields 27-29 highway, via a close friend and uncle's trucks. That's a lot to me, since I average 600 miles a week.
  9. I'm with you. I'd sure like to have one for the better fuel economy, but yet to make myself pay the price.
  10. Well I'm still debating some months later. My big hold up has been lack of rebates. Dealership just got in a crew z71 duramax 4x4 colorado. Sticker is 42,595 and they will sell for 40,500. Just having a hard time with price, when they quoted 43k for a slt loaded crew 4x4 full size with MSRP of 55k. How well are these canyon/colorado expected to hold value?
  11. If your removing stock exhaust in 1 piece, it's nice to have a helper.
  12. Borla Catback/AFE Momentum GT

    I did wind up trading in the truck with AFE installed. Dealer called a week after and wanted to swap out for stock intake. So, i still have the AFE for sale. I still dont want to ship.
  13. I loved the room my 2014 crewmax had, especially for people in back seats. It's the only truck that I've owned where people fought for the back seats. Interior was nothing special. It did run great and would pass most everything thing but a gas station. If my current 2016 all terrain had the crewax room in the back seats, it would be a dream.
  14. Borla Catback/AFE Momentum GT

    Shipping cost would eat me up.

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