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  1. After watching the video I think we all know who the problem is here, and it's certainly not the dealership. Those guys are going to regret ever selling this truck to this customer. Nothing will ever be good enough, and every tiny problem will turn into this same situation over and over again. If the employees had been going the actual speed limit, we'd see the poster complaining about putting his truck at risk of an accident for not going with the flow of traffic. When looking at online reviews for products, these are the types of guys whose reviews I completely ignore. They complain about the most trivial things, and are never satisfied. My advice to the original poster is to take a step back, be a little more self-aware. Trust me, it will be much healthier for you, and others around you.
  2. I was happy with the interior on my '14. Everything else around it, not so much...
  3. You understand that the AFM transition is not seamless in every truck, right? You may be one of the lucky ones, but others have serious lugging, hesitation, and transmission clunking concerns during AFM operation. I'm a reasonable guy, and if I wasn't able to turn AFM off on my '14, I would have taken a bath and traded it right away. Yes, it was that bad.
  4. I think you'll find that the AFM system doesn't improve mileage much, if any at all. On my '14 I noticed zero difference when deactivating it. Each truck is different, but based on experience from members of this forum, even if it does affect mileage it will be by 1 mpg or less.
  5. Check towards the bottom right hand corner of this page: http://lehtoslaw.com/
  6. For what it's worth, this exact issue has shown up quite a few times on this board on trucks still under warranty. It sounds as if this issue is known by GM. You might politely plead your case to see if they'll cover a portion of the bill.
  7. There are so many better ways to spend (save / invest) your money at than buying a new vehicle. Buy something vintage but in great condition for a quarter of the price and learn to tinker on it a bit. Put the rest away, or spend it on something that will make you money in the long run. Don't get into the habit of making payments or throwing lots of cash towards something that will lose so much value in such a short period of time. What you do now with your money can either set you up for financial success for life, or lead you down a hole that's very hard to climb out of. I had the same desires at your age, so I understand where you're coming from, but definitely think about your future before making the decision. On a final note, there's no way I'd consider a '14+ 1500 a reliable vehicle in the long term.
  8. This issue was new in the '14 body style 1500 trucks. This is not a torque management issue during shifting. It's an issue while the truck is accelerating in a specific gear. This is absolutely a programming issue.
  9. Nope. Not the same. My '14 had the same issue, and none of my previous trucks exhibited this characteristic. It's another example of poor programming.
  10. Not a chance I'd buy a sight unseen Chevy / GMC '14-'17 truck right now. The trucks are value engineered, and have many problems. Other manufacturers have issues too. Unfortunately, it's the world we live in. If you do consider one, drive it at all speeds (including 70 to 75+), in varying conditions and situations, as well as at night before making a decision (especially with the poor GMC headlights).
  11. The real question will be how long will it take before the control module needs a re-flash.
  12. Same old story. Range says it's the latest software, and the unit still throws codes. This has been happening since 2014. It's a nice product in theory, but I'm not too confident that the company can actually fix their problems.
  13. Take a look here: http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/198603-time-for-a-sticky-for-the-steering-wheel-stabilitrak-ground-loss-issue/?do=findComment&comment=1950255 I'll bet you have a ground issue. I'd have them try looking there before messing with the connector again.
  14. Ask to see the actual warranty history report. I doubt the issue was only check engine light related.
  15. Sounds more like a collapsed lifter to me. This is likely why it's not happening all of the time.

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