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  1. Thanks!! Worked great for my footwell lights which I wanted on this lighting circuit!
  2. I may buy a Sprint Booster # SPRCH011 for this reason. I thought my 14 was bad, but my 17 is about the same.
  3. I don't know if my MPG changed or not, but I like having the added covered space for cargo and its secure too
  4. Traded my 14 Silverado in a 17 Silverado last September, the screen brightness was blinding to me at night. Took the 17 in on Monday for the software update, all is good now! Thanks to this site, I knew the 2017 Silverado's had this issue, to bad GM couldn't follow up with their customers, guess there too busy building new trucks?
  5. Just bought a new 2017 CC standard box LT and traded my 2014 double cab, great deal now on the CC trucks. I checked all the specs going to a CC from a double std. box it's 9 1/2" longer overall, still fits in my garages too. The extra room and rear seat comfort are much better for my family and I found one on the lot. Keep looking if you want the std. box.
  6. So I get a call today at noon time that my handle has come in at the Dealership and I picked it up within an hour and like other's have said I installed it in less than 10 mins! The supplied instructions are a waste of paper, so I followed the steps listed in this thread. I really like the handle, for me it seems easier to enter and egress the cab and again I'm 6'2". This handle should have been included with the truck, but I'm very happy I found this thread and it was so easy to install too! The USPS mail came within an hour of the install and I received Urgent Recall Notice for my 2014 Silverado # 15203, so I'll be back at the Dealership next week again for that.
  7. Ordered mine yesterday at the Dealership, List price $50.00 with a 10% customer discount makes the out the door price $45.00, no sales tax in NH. Can't wait to try it, I'm 6' 2" and find it much easier to enter the cab on the passenger side with the factory handle and the running boards, never mind it gives me a handle to wash the roof as I have a topper roof to wash too.
  8. 100% correct about the poor design, many others are having the same issue. Yes, it's too bad customers have to correct a safety related item to control the acceleration of their 2014-2015 trucks. Other threads have been started about this problem.
  9. Whos From Maine?

    I live down South, in Kittery Point
  10. Great, yet another GM marketing error, look at the "as shown-pictured" 4WD V-8 truck for under $34,000. Brings back nightmares of trying to qualify for all the 2014 all-star rebates at my local dealership! Wish GM could get their marketing department acountable for their TV and other printed stated prices.
  11. Your not alone about the throttle response (lag) read my posts.
  12. Price paid?

    ALL STAR EDITION Includes driver 10-way power seat adjuster, dual-zone climate control, manual tilt telescoping — — ● ● — — — steering column (not available with 4.3L engine), remote vehicle start system, MyLink1 8" diagonal audio system, Rear-Vision Camera System, rear-window defroster and 110-volt power outlet. On LT models, includes Trailering Package with locking rear differential, PZX 18" aluminum wheels and fog lamps. Not available with Max Trailering Package, LT Convenience Package or Custom Sport Package. On LT Z71 models, includes RD1 18" bright-machined aluminum wheels. Not available with LT Convenience Package. Available on Double and Crew Cab models only.
  13. Price paid?

    I agree but... Read the fine print " not available on V-6 all star models" Don't understand why, either!?
  14. Price paid?

    MSRP: 43K all star package, leather, running boards, paid 34K OTD. Only wish that the V6 had a telescoping steering wheel, don't know why this option is omitted on the 4.3 trucks????
  15. Thanks, looking forward to another video that will show the non adjustable pedal bracket flex at a different angle.

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