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  1. I think the 2500's have always looked better than the 1500's going back as far as I can remember. I love chevy, but their damn 1500's are too low to the ground.
  2. You must have went waaay bigger to have that big a difference in your speedometer. I went from 265 to 285 and at 65mph im really going 66/67.
  3. Im in the same boat...so Im gonna follow this thread.
  4. I got 285's on my WT, no rubbing at all.
  5. A flowmaster super 40 makes a 3.5 inlet outlet muffler and its def loud enough. Trust me I have one on my 6.0
  6. He's right. My last truck ('10 silverado 1500) was black and I would spend every Saturday washing and detailing. Black paint is a lot of work, but looks sexy as hell when its clean and shinning. My new truck ('15 Silverado 2500) is silver. I love the color, and its a lot less work to make look good
  7. 2004 2500 unknown lift

    Just measure how much room you have before you hit anything I. The wheel well. Measure the distance with the wheel turned straight, them turned all the way to right and turned all the way to the left. Then give yourself some breathing room.
  8. Do the 1/2 tons have torsion bars? My 3/4 was 5/8" higher on the passenger side. Leveled it off with just a few turns on the key. I'm hearing gm intentionally sends them from the factory this way...why?? no idea.
  9. Sometimes for work I have commute a total of 125 miles a day..I put almost 40k on my old Silverado in one year. It sucks, but its far better to be employed then not.
  10. A whooping 1.25 amps. So you can charge a laptop...or run a string of LED Christmas lights.
  11. You think this kit would fit on a 2500??
  12. Hey guys. I own a silver 2015 2500HD. I keep seeing the "rally edition" trucks with those sweet racing stripes on them, and I am fiending to put them on my truck. Has anyone put these on themselves? How difficult was it? Would you recommend having a shop/dealer do it? I'd love to see some pictures if you guys have any. Thanks!
  13. My Oakley flak jacket glasses fit in mine easily... I wouldn't imagine a bigger type of pair fitting in them...[emoji53]
  14. My 2015 with the 6.0 was a 3.5" diameter pipe. You're a little limited as to what mufflers you can get in that size. I went with a flowmaster 40 series delta force. Sounds just as loud as my old flowmaster super 44 on my old 2010 1500

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