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  1. i stuck a needle in the holes in case they were clogged. anybody taken off the cowl or had this issue?
  2. i had the ICI magnums, but they were small and hard for kids and the wife to step on in certain shoes. i sold those and bought some stock chrome steps, then had them line-x, cost 200 for the entire things top and bottom to be line-x. indestructible and nonslip.
  3. BORA 1.25" Wheel Spacers 6x5.5

    they should fit, I'm running 1" and they clear my stock AT wheels, so 1.25 should be fine.
  4. loving that C10, my dad had a 69 C10 with a 305, 3 on the tree, that i learned to drive with. loved it, wish i had it now.
  5. TTT for price drop 225.
  6. Wheel spacers for sale

  7. I put my stock ones with line-x spray back on. I have young kids, just easier for them to get into the truck with the oem setup.

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