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  1. Toyo AT2's nice and quiet and pretty aggressive looking for an AT. Had them on my truck when it was just leveled and they were great.
  2. Another Noob from the Mitten

    Welcome from the other side!
  3. That sounds like you got a great price. I think I should be able to do as well. I don't need the 6.2 but I think if I can find the right deal I would prefer it.
  4. Yeah, I'm in no hurry and I can wait to see if better deals come along. My 2013 is in excellent condition without any problems so I'll take my time looking for the right price.
  5. Yeah, I don't have a problem buying an outgoing model, I did it with my 2013. The 2014's didn't really appeal to me when they came out. As of right now the 2019's kind of turn me off and I'm not sold on the start stop technology that sounds like it will be standard on them.
  6. MSRP is $56,215 on the SLT, but it is 5.3 not 6.2. Looks to be pretty well optioned out though.
  7. +1 for the Access, I've had 2 the newest being almost 6 years old on my 2013 short box. The one before was nine years old that was traded with my extended cab. Never a problem with either.
  8. When you say you got it for 22K less then new, are you saying less then the 2015 MSRP? I've seen 2018 GMC SLT's at 15K less then MSRP as of right now. And what kind of mileage on your 2015? I use cargurus when I search because they tell you how long it's been listed and the price history. Amazing how much price fluctuation some listings have had.
  9. 20x10 -19 Hostile Havoks with 295/55/20 Toyo Mt's, my Winter set up is stock GMC 20's with 285/55/20 Toyo RT's
  10. I have definitely expanded my search area. I went 750 miles to get what I wanted on my 2013.
  11. I just saw a member over on Silverado Sierra forums just got the CST kit thru Autoanything for around $1500.00. I bought my CST4" kit from Performance Lifts also. Great customer service from them, answered any questions quickly. When I did mine I went with the Bilstein adj. struts up front and the Bilstein rear shocks. If I end up keeping this truck I will be upgrading to the CST coil overs made for the new kit. Here is a picture of my 2013 GMC with the CST 4" set at 4 1/2" . You should be real happy with the CST kit, they are definitely top quality.
  12. Sounds like you got a great deal compared to what I'm seeing in my area. As an example, nearby dealer has a 2016 Silverado LTZ crew cab with 20K miles. Want's $38K, and that is the cheapest I've found in Michigan. I got a Quote for a new 2018 GMC SLT crew cab equipped the same from a dealer in Illinois $41,835.00 plus taxes. To me it just makes more sense to go with the new one. Biggest issue here is finding a crew cab, Most of our dealers are loaded with double cabs because they lease them for $200.00 or less a month. The Dealer my sister works for has 340 Silverado's 1500's and 5 are crew cabs and the rest are double cabs.
  13. Where did you order the CST kit from? I know Autoanything was offering a $400. or $500. discount on the CST kit.
  14. Maybe I was a little wishy washy with my wording there. I think you pretty much understood what I was trying to say though. Basically it comes down to this, I really like the style of the 16+ Sierra's and Silverado's and I would prefer not to be a beta tester for the 19's . Additionally, the new design doesn't really appeal to me. I'd prefer to buy new since with what I've seen so far, not much cost advantage to buying used unless you were looking for higher mileage. So with that said. I'll be looking for a 2018, hopefully with some good discounts and a full warranty.

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