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  1. Bed liner

    I am looking to get rid of my gm plastic bed liner. It is for the 5'8" bed. Free to pickup. It is still in my truck at the moment. It is in good condition. No cracks. It does not work with the tonneau cover I have. Free. Located in central Illinois
  2. cc/sb stock exhaust

    Anybody want this before it goes to the metal bin?
  3. Top Gun Customz 2.5" level kit

  4. Top Gun Customz 2.5" level kit

    I have a brand new 2.5" top gun custom level kit for sale. Didnt end up using it so I'm selling it. Brand new, never installed. 75 shipped. part number is 11288425 https://www.topguncustomz.com/i-25499545-2-5-2007-2017-gm-cadillac-1500-silverado-sierra-1500-leveling-lift-spacers.html
  5. cc/sb stock exhaust

    I have my stock exhaust that is one piece not cut up for 5.3 crew cab short bed. Pickup only. Obo. located in central Illinois
  6. Figured you were screwing with me. Appreciate the help.
  7. Yea I'll pass on that harness you found..... I think a construction block will just have to work.... Removing the dash to use as weight in the seat seems like a lot of work. I never saw anything on my searches so I figured something didn't exist.
  8. I tried searching but couldn't find anything with the key words I used. I am looking to see how I can manually enter navigation info while driving alone. Yes I know it is setup to avoid taking your attention away from the road. And yes I know you can use voice control but I have a problem half the time with getting the correct information to show up. What I am looking to see if what ways I can truck it into thinking a passenger is in the vehicle at all times. Is it controlled by a pressure sensor under the seat with the liquid in the tube? When I put my Katzkin in I noticed what I thought it could be. Anyway around this?
  9. The noise is a whine when I am on the interstate in 5/6th gear.
  10. I am looking for some help. I've searched but haven't seen much that is similar to what I have going on. When my truck is cold, trans below 100 degrees. I have a whine whether it is in 4 wheel drive or not. I also have a metal on metal sound/feel when it seems to be looking the converter. It is about 60mph plus. If I let off the throttle a little it will go away. When I get back on the throttle it will come back. It is not the noise from being in 4wd, the electronic noise. Anyone have any info! I'm changing the filter and replacing fluid this week once everything shows up. Don't think that will solve it but it needs done. 14 5.3 with 89k. I bought the truck at 83k.
  11. I watched a video for 07-14 to get some ideas of removing the seats. Then the video I posted. There is a couple others out there that show parts of it to help.
  12. Install went well. Had some trouble with the seat bases for front seats. They were out of square a little. I would say make sure you have Staples. I thought I had some but couldn't find them. The videos I found were definitely helpful especially the jump seat.
  13. The seat shop said they may come out with one soon. But nothing yet. Their other videos are very detailed.
  14. The closest thing I have found was below. https://youtu.be/veLcoP9B0UY not as detailed as others I have seen but definitely helpful.
  15. Getting ready to start this weekend. A little cold here. Going to heat the garage up as much as possible. Any tips on tools needed to make it easier? Thinking a simple pry tool would help for clips/pins for electrical plugs. Then maybe a garment steamer if I can find one with a decent width head to help. Bought new bases from the seatshop and already have those done and ready to put on the frame.

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