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  1. 2016/17 Sierra All Terrain X Sport Bar

    How much shipped to 32728? Thanks
  2. Zone Rear shocks have been sold.
  3. Rims have been sold. Please close thread. Thanks
  4. Zone shocks have been sold.
  5. They are factory spindles for stock height. I have steel Uca.
  6. Lol. Yes it is far. Thanks for the positive comments
  7. Thanks. Where are you located at?
  8. For sale are from my OEM Silverado 1500 Z71 from 2014. 4wd Front Spindle for both sides and Stock Rear Blocks for $145 Items will fit 2014 to 2017 Silverado and Sierra, may fit other years, but please confirm. I also have a set of Zone Hydro rear shocks, brand new for sale. I have all bushings, but not showing in photo $85 Items will fit 1999 to 2017 Silverado, Sierra, Tahoe and other makes may fit other years, but please confirm. I lifted my truck and changed out all suspension parts. All parts have no damage. Located in Orlando, FL
  9. Listing for my brother. 24" in chrome rims on 305/35/24 tires. Rims are 6 lug (6x5.5) that was on a Chevy Tahoe. He sold the Tahoe and new Acadia can't fit the rims. Tires have decent tread but they are still used and will not try to pass them off as new. This is a complete set of four rims. Rims will fit Silverado, Sierra, Avalanche, Tahoe and fit on other models vehicles He is asking $850 obo. Located in Orlando, FL
  10. Up for sale are my factory rims and tires from my Z71 2014 Silverado 1500 with around 8k miles on rims and tires. Only reason for selling is to make room. Has been in covered in my garage since taking off. GoodYear Tires 18" with OEM TPMS, bolt pattern is 6x5.5. Rims and tires have no damage. Set was removed off of my truck, after putting my aftermarket set on. Please don't waste my time with low ball offers. Maybe interested in trading for unlocked iPhone 7 128gb or 256gb for AT&T with you paying the difference with cash. Located in Orlando, FL. $850 obo
  11. FS: Cognito UCA - 1500

    Still for sale?
  12. FS: Cognito UCA - 1500

    Do you have photos? I am very interested in picking them up from you. Thanks
  13. You can look at toyo rt's. Very nice medium aggressive tires.

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