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  1. Personally don't like the looks of flares on short box the gas cap is cut out. I have the bushmasters color matched and love the look Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  2. So I finally got around to installing my hid from trs they are 35 watt 5500 Also got one fog light installed u can see that hitting guard rail and right in front of truck Stock low...high Hid low....High
  3. Thank u much Ordered a set and hid 35w 5500k.....$500 worth of lights...Dam they better be worth it
  4. ya same here not that I cant take it off just now that I have all that extra stuff on there it would take me a day just to pull the bumper.......just want to make sure it is possible before pulling the trigger
  5. just installed the howler the other day
  6. quick ? on installing these on silverados....cant find any video other then them pulling the bumper....is it possible to do it without pulling the bumper as I would have to pull off a lot of stuff to install
  7. This is a great mod ....can u post some pictures of where and how u tapped into the bcm
  8. Well after 6 months mine quit working.....haven't looked into it yet not sure if its a connection problem or if the actuator crapped out.....no time right now will repost when I get time to look into it
  9. Hello from New Hampshire

    Welcome aboard nice ride
  10. Just cause its a beach partrol doesn't mean it's not aloud to get in on a chase
  11. Alot of the work needs to be from under the truck but its pretty spacious uner there
  12. Nope I used some trailer wire lot bigger gauge then needed but quick and easy
  13. Pulled the sensors out of there spots on bumper ...extended wires...drilled a hole I think it's one inch .... mounted the holders then snapped the sensor in. Works good....alittle sensitive when driving thru fields as they kick down a bit .....any other ? Feel free to ask

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