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  1. Yea have them in my fogs and headlights and they work great fogs are reflective housings!!
  2. Theses are the Fogs Chevy and GMC PS24W LED KIT
  3. Have the xenon depot 9012 headlight kit and fog light kit kickass light kits no problems whatsoever 14 gmc all terrain slt! No trimming no rigging everything fit!!
  4. Thanks for the info I haven't adjusted my xenon depot bulbs yet was wondering how you adjusted them mine now are 12 and 6 and the light is ok but 3 and 9 should be a lot better was just wondering! Love the lights tho 2014 GMC Sierra all terrain slt
  5. Nice so I will be picking up a led headlight set from xenon depot for my 2014 GMC Sierra all terrain slt So people said the kit needed a lot of work to make them fit but so far you guys look like everything's fine and it's a well worthy upgrade!!

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