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  1. Thanks for the info And if anyone is interested I still have a Denali cluster for sale. It came off a 2015.5 Sierra. I have it listed in the for sale section, somewhere.
  2. i bet the engineer who designed the center console for charging your phone gets paid 6 figures, but that so called engineer does not have any common sense to think about the bigger smartphones having cases on them and not being able to lay flat in that little area. Its probably the same design engineer who did the current design for the console.
  3. Denali instrument cluster

    Price dropped to $275.00
  4. Factory Chrome running boards (almost new)

    Bump bump
  5. Shed building help

    I am considering running power to the shed but I need a new shed first because the current shed has a hole in the roof covered by a tarp, and the walls are disintegrating at the bottom. I bought this house 6 months ago and we knew the shed needed to be replaced. The shed is the first project for this year.
  6. Shed building help

    Thanks everyone for your info. I still have several months to go before I start building. So I have plenty of time to prep before i do it. One good thing about getting the shed is a get a compound sliding miter saw, that she hasn't approved of yet.
  7. Shed building help

    I'm building a 12x20 shed, once the weather gets warmer. My question is, can I put the floor beams right on the solid concrete blocks? They will be pressure treated 2X6's. I plan to have solid concert blocks ever 4 feet. My yard is pretty level.
  8. Factory Chrome running boards (almost new)

    bump bump
  9. I must be special, i have a RPO sticker in my 2018.
  10. I must be special, i have a RPO sticker in my 2018.
  11. These where on my 2018 Sierra crew cab when I bought it(Tuesday before turkey day), but took them off the first weekend I had the truck. They have been sitting in my garage since then. Comes with the hardware also. If you come to my house, I'll even help install them if you want. I live in zip code 19348 but work in 19720, so they can be picked up near my house or work. I would like $500 but I'm asking $450. PM'ing is the best way for me to see a response.
  12. Denali instrument cluster

  13. Drying Towel

    As mentioned “The Rag Company” for any type of vehicle towel. as for the water spots, how hard is the water in your area? I was renting a house and the hard water was around 350ppm. The house I bought across town, the water is 100ppm. You may need a water deionizer system.

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