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  1. Just unplug it and put in the center console area when it's going to be days that you don't use the vehicle. I am the same way to where I will ride the motorcycle for days on end in great weather during the other 3 seasons. I am actually waiting for mine to show up in the mail tomorrow after shipping it back to have the firmware updated. I purchased it when I had my '15 and just needed to update it for the '17. Enjoy it.
  2. The front are set on the highest setting which I think was four and yes 2" RC blocks for the rear. I think I just realized why you were asking as the pictures are skewed up as I fubar'd the labelling. The top two are the front and the bottom two are the rear. I updated the original post to correct. With putting in the 2" blocks there is only a net gain of 3/4" as the factory I think are 1 1/4" blocks. Thanks.
  3. Well I just put on my Bilstein 5100's, RC 2" blocks. I have the rims coming tomorrow and have to decide on Ridge Grapplers or Toyo AT2's.
  4. Sorry in the lateness of the reply. It'll probably be another 1-2 months before I get the tires to put on the rims that will be showing up at my door tomorrow. For my '15 truck I had purchased a RC 2.5" leveling kit and RC 3" rear blocks for a higher rake for the towing, so I re-used the 2" blocks that came in the leveling kit. I like the Airaid as it gives it a little bit more of a growl sound when you hit the gas, plus I think the air flows better and give you a little bit more get up and go. Well I just put on my Bilstein 5100's, RC 2" blocks. Before Front: After Front: Before Rear: After Rear:
  5. I've actually got my Bilstein's in hand and going to have them installed on Monday along with switching out of the factory blocks for 2" blocks in the rear. I have the rims on order and once they get here I will have them ceramic coated like the truck and then I will get the tires that I haven't decided on yet (going back and forth between the Nitto Ridge Grappler 305/55R20 or Toyo AT2 295/55R20's) installed. I will also try and take some measurements before and after.
  6. FS: Pop & Lock - PL8140

    Thanks for the inquiry but this is actually now sold.
  7. Winjet Taillights

    Still available.
  8. FS: Pop & Lock - PL8140

    Still available.
  9. Mine from the factory does not, and would doubt the retrofit would either.
  10. Thanks for the information bud. I just bought my set from them and they were having a 14% off sale and I also had a stackable 10% off, which equally to 303.xx + local tax as they have a brick and mortar bldg. about 30 minutes away. I will get those on and then decide which Fuel rims and what tires I want. Always something. lol

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