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  1. FS: Pop & Lock - PL8140

    Sorry, yes this is still available. Didn't see notifications on updates to this post.
  2. Look in the For Sale section as I posted one for sale. I ended up trading my '15 that I was going to install it in for a '17. Never installed.
  3. FS: Pop & Lock - PL8140

  4. Winjet Taillights

  5. With the new site design, one of the best features when viewing a post, you could click on the First Unread option. This was an awesome feature in some of the posts that were multiple/hundreds of pages. Is this feature something that will come back after the re-indexing is complete or gone forever? Thanks!
  6. I am sure you'll be able to run it but not without rubbing at full lock. I had stock wheels with a +27 offset on 305/55R20 Toyo AT2's and rubbed on the UCA's. YMMV though.
  7. I'm having a lot of issues to where carplay is not recognizing that my iPhone 7+ is plugged in thus no using the hands free. Sometimes I can go into the truck Settings -> Apple Car Play devices and click on the device and it'll connect others it may take me 5 minutes for it to finally connect. I also have an issue where when I plug in the phone the music will start playing on the phone itself instead of through the head unit or when I unplug the phone, the music will keep playing on the phone to where I have to hit the stop button. I am using the Apple lightning cable that came with the phone and not an aftermarket one, as I found carplay never really works with aftermarket cables.
  8. No problem as I am not in a hurry to spend more money either! LOL Neither did I, but my hats off to people like Phil who like to tinker and think of these things!
  9. Let me know how you like it after it's painted and post some pictures as I'm kinda interested in it and have the same color truck as you.
  10. Here is a good explanation of what ceramic coating is: http://exclusivedetail.com/ceramic-coatings/ If you decide it's for you, make sure you have them do a paint correction prior to applying the ceramic coating as that'll make it look all that much better and you're starting with a consistent base.
  11. Put me on the list as I would be interested. I have a '17 with chrome DL3 mirrors. However, I am quite a ways away from Minnesota..
  12. Well I just got my truck back from getting the ceramic coating put on, including detailed inside and out and I love it! Also I put on some JamHandle's and a color matched AVS Aeroskin. The first pictures are just after I got the truck home and I was admiring it, then the JamHandle and then the AeroSkin. JamHandle: Aeroskin:
  13. Yes it seems to stay full at times. Another option is to send an email to socialmedia@gm.com and include your VIN to ask for a build sheet. That's what I had to do for my '17 I purchased in July. And welcome to GM and the forums!
  14. For the weathertech's, it re-uses existing screw holes and has a cambered latch to hold onto the sheetmetal. I have the weathertech's.
  15. Thanks for all the info and pictures in this thread. I just bought a color-matched aeroskin for my graphite metallic '17 Silverado (322123-GPA) from RealTruck.com for $104. They price matched Auto-Anything.com whose offering a 20% off the $129.00 price point.

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