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  1. Perfect! Thank you for the information. I have a 2014 as well :). I was going to change my rear diff fluid here in a couple weeks, but I'm going to check the axles first before changing the fluid. Did you reuse the axle bearing and oil seal or did you get new ones?
  2. Long story short my dealer was no help at all. They replaced my driveshaft and road force balanced the tires. At first I thought it was the crappy Goodyear tires, but I got Michelin's and the problem was still there. Just had my driveshaft balanced per the forum. It was a iron driveshaft and the guy could see where it would shake at high speeds. Got that correct and the shake is worse..... not bad, but worse then before. I'm going to measure the axles to see if they are out of round next. Can you tell me the Yukon axle and wheel stud part number? Also what rear end do you have? I have my fingers crossed that the axles are the problem! Thanks!
  3. I put on 275/65/r18's with no lift and have no issues.
  4. I just picked up a pair of Michelin LTX AT2, 275x65x18 LT tires and they are great!
  5. I order the volant intake. It was between the volant and the aFe. I like the volant once I got it installed. Let me know how you like the aFe.
  6. A new engine because of a bad cylinder head? My cylinder head in my truck had a crack at 10K and after some back and forth at 25K they replaced it. I have had zero trouble and my truck is at 40K. It sounds like the cylinder had a defect and they are replacing it. You can try to argue for a new engine, but I don't think a leak on the outside of the cylinder head is cause for a new engine. Keep us updated.
  7. I have an old tire changer and I wouldn't do it on my truck. I only use it my old beater cars or farm equipment.
  8. Also when they pressure checked the system they didn't find anything because they did it cold and the crack wasn't opened. They finally found it after I made the service writer come out to my truck and acknowledge the smell of burning antifreeze. Good luck! I hope its fixed!
  9. its a 2014 and actually the bumper to bumper picked it up. First time it went in was at 12,000 then at 18,000 then at 21,000 and they finally fixed it. If I was out of my bumper to bumper the powertrain would have covered it. I ask the service writer about being out of the bumper to bumper and that's what he said.
  10. I had the antifreeze smell in my cab and thought it was the radiator. After the third attempt they found a crack in the cylinder head. They replaced the cylinder head, thermostat and the thermostat housing. Fingers crossed the smell doesn't come back. I mean the heater core could have gotten damage, but I would get it checked out before spending the 700 plus dollars to get it replaced.
  11. I just mounted mine in the extra battery tray because of the vibration in the pedals. No issues with it in the extra battery tray.
  12. the 6 liters are durable and don't have many problems. The problem is it is a used vehicle, so I would take it to a mechanic before buying just to make sure everything is ok.
  13. I would wait it out. I have wanted to get a 2500 ever since I got my 1500, but its paid off so I'm just keeping it. I tow a few times a year, so I just deal with the 1500. Now if I was towing everyday I would upgrade to a 2500.
  14. I'm about ready to order the 4600's because I don't plan on lifting my truck. I'm just waiting for the weather to warm up a bit.

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