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  1. I can recommend the Access Lorado ROLL-UP cover... Had mine just shy 3 years and it looks and operates like day 1... Its adjustable but I have not needed to do so... Access has a Good, Better, Best system for the Low Profle and Normal Covers... The Lorado is The Best Low Profile... My brother in Law just bought one from Amazon for his Ram and payed in the $370 range... I paid $420 for mine installed 3 years ago... It does flutter a bit but is not noisy at all and I am pretty sure all roll ups flutter... 99% water tight.. You will see a trickle of water after some heavy rain or the car wash... I always have some kind of sports equipment in bed and nothing has ever gotten wet... Hope that helps..
  2. Dayum... Sweet ride!!! Love the wheel/Tire set up..
  3. avalanche racing me

    This is what I liked about my 04' It turned everyone's head!
  4. WoW! Great job bud... What is a huge difference between the before and after... The wheel and tire set up is perfect... Can we get more info and closer pics on them..
  5. For me the entire passenger seat vibrated an inch at 70+... The pulldown center console would have thrown a bottle of water out of it... It was horrible so I would say 10 out of 10 because I never felt any vibrations on my last ride, 2004 AValanche, in which I had for 10 years... They balanced and rotated my tires and its been 95% better since... I say 95% better because I think I am super sensitive now that I follow this thread... Hope that helps.. Hope that helps..
  6. The lift is to HIGH now unless you are going to put some monsta wheels under it... I liked it better in your sig photo..
  7. Looks Kewl... Would like to see more pics all around... Is that More of the same color on the back?
  8. Very Nice Looking Ride Bud... What are the Wheel and Tire Specs... Thanks in Advance..
  9. I agree... I would add Chrome Tail light Covers to finish it off... Very Nice as it is however...
  10. Wow!!! That has to be the best looking truck I have seen on here or in person... Everything works great together and I love those rims... Well Done!
  11. Dayummm! Sweet ride bud... Please chasre the specs on the wheels, tires and Level... Might want to just add the info to your signature... Thanks..
  12. Sharp! Het, can you share the deal you got for those who are in the same position... Include trade in value.. Thanks, Dan
  13. Hey can we get some more closer pics and please provide your tire/wheel/lift specs.. Looks great!
  14. Your pics didn't make it... Try again..

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