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  1. That’s what I have. Do yours make a weird noise or slight weird feel when slowing down around 15mph or under? Odd, I can’t deacribe it.. althought it could be my converter. Think it’s having issues
  2. I’ve had these 35” toyo open countries on my truck for 9k miles and they are fine on hwy but make some of the weirdest vibrations and noises at lower speeds.. looking for a tire that doesn’t have those same problems.. i don’t need a lot of tread as the truck is 99% on road thx
  3. I’m abt to take it to the dealership. Def seems converter or trans related do y’all think it will be covered? anyone heard of converter or trans issues on the 8spd? thx
  4. hmm thats worrisome.. im guessing bc of the lift and tires/wheels that warranty wont cover?
  5. i have a '17 slt 4x4 z71 that has a 6" fabtech perf kit and 35" wheels tires.. recently took it into a shop.. taking to another shop next time, long story.. i noticed a vibration.. between 1-2k rpms, 40-77mph.. you can feel the vibration in the steering wheel and the whole truck really.. if throttle is held or its on cruise control you can see the rpms jump a few hundred rpm when the vibration comes through.. has me thinking a wheel balancer came off... or maybe its bc i removed the air dam? maybe the engine is getting more air flow now and the tune isnt accounting for that? thoughts?
  6. I have stock full power mirrors, stock grill setup, and some more parts. Message me with offer if interested plz
  7. She's done.. Got a nightmare 544 hornblaster kit installed too, just for those guys that have road rage
  8. Trying to level my 2017 out.. have a 6" performance fabtech kit.. Front strut spacer.. Now front is 1" higher then rear.. I want it leveled Thanks
  9. Local guy tuned my 17 6.2.. didn't have to send off or anything
  10. I saw where one guy put the '14-'15 zone 1.5" body lift on his 2017 gmc, anyone else do it? I have a '17 with a 6" fabtech. Thinking abt adding the 1.5" body lift for added height. Thanks!
  11. Anyone know of a bumper thats a little wider and matches the lines of the pocket style fenders? Just installed some boss fenders and don't like how the fronts stick out and don't match with the front bumper Sca makes a bumper that looks like it matches but not sure.. Id really like to keep my sensors.. winch and lightbar would be cool.. Most aftermarket bumpers at hideous imo., horrible look from the side.. sticking up high and out towards the front. Yuck.. don't want to spend more money trying to make a bad angle look better only to end up dissatisfied with another bad angle ya know

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