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  1. I love how Rancho won't make a shock that doesn't rust within a week for a factory vehicle costing this much. First thing I did on this second truck was spray those with a clear coat and they actually have stayed white with no rust.
  2. I believe you answered your own question... THEY said you NEED 4.5 inches. You say you have 2 inches should that work..... well I would assume no since THEY told you 4.5 right? I might be missing something
  3. What type of employment do you have that stops all social activities? That's wild
  4. I did the same thing. On Amazon there are like 20 people selling packs of multiples and I order the single 1 for the same price from one seller. He was laughing his ass off I bet when he got my money. Either way paid the same for the pack of 50 or more
  5. Never asked me about my first truck owned but the package is on the way 😀 thanks for reminding me
  6. Looks cool now I want to see a blue grill done
  7. I thought the High County was the equivalent? I know for sure it's the step above LTZ anyways.
  8. Sounds like you have a nice new ride. Congrats and post a pic of it so we can drool.
  9. Second to top picture is awesome looking. I think because it's the only one without "expensive" in the pic. I would like that side image but to hard to actually see the paint around wheel wells with the hdr effect and overexposure look someone added. I'm sure you get heads turning daily. Nice truck
  10. Tell me the $1000k you lost on the trade wasn't to the same exact dealer that wouldn't help you with the leak after 900 miles out of warranty? After you purchased the car through them and I'm assuming local! I hope I'm just misunderstanding and you did go somewhere else and they happen to be 1k less than u wanted. Also any specific info as to where these leaks keep coming in at so i can keep an eye out on my 17.
  11. Man m7 you would think could drive around 65 without needing to go to 8th and enjoy a nice ride.
  12. That's kinda good to know. I have the same set as you.
  13. Fastest grocery getter around! We have the same thing only in a jeep and when my wife hits the gas on the highway that thing just jumps up and goes. A blast to drive. I worry about her brakes as well haha. The only downside and it's minor but we have had 3 leaks in almost 10k miles. They act like it's normal when we take it in too.

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