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  1. My battery was over 4 years old and still worked fine, but I had the dealer replace it anyway because at that age they're living on borrowed time and can fail without any warning.
  2. Mine would stop moving laterally if I lowered the seat all the way down but then it was too low for my liking. My solution (so far) was to raise the rear of the seat by installing 5/8 inch thick shims/washers and longer bolts where the seat bolts to the floor and leaving the seat powered all the way down. Much better than having the dealer jack around with it.
  3. I call my GMC the "Jimmy". I remember hearing that as far back as the early sixties.
  4. For those who have personally replaced their batteries, any special instructions or precautions? Besides the + and - leads there are 3 others. I want to retain my settings and I already have the cig outlet battery device for that. My battery is a little over 4 y/o and I will be replacing it soon.....thanks.
  5. Nice! Any particular reason(s) why you traded in a relatively new truck?
  6. Batteries can fail without warning, I change my batteries every 4 years, after that they're just living on borrowed time. If you decide to stretch it out make sure you carry a set of jumper cables.
  7. My 2014 SLT has an early production date of June 2013. Only 2 issues: Outside air temp sensor replaced and an issue with the adjustable pedals not working....and that's it. So to the OP, your safe with a '14.
  8. Sounds like an easy maintenance project. I was wondering if an engine check light would be triggered if spraying with the engine running.....anybody try that method? I think that's how it would be done professionally, it would also clean the entire intake system.
  9. I changed mine myself at about 750 miles. Ever see a metallic / metal flake paint job? That's how it appeared when stirring the contents in the drain pan.....nasty looking, almost black.
  10. I've had very good luck with this dealer with warranties and recalls, but now...ehhh.
  11. This only reason I can think this was done was because this dealer had an "issue" with an oil change at one time, either under or over filled, maybe causing damage...who knows, very strange.
  12. So, I had the seatbelt recall done last week, no issues, no drama. Lifted the hood this morning and found this. Has anyone else with a recent dealer visit had this too? A little carb cleaner and tooth brush removed it, I do my own oil changes and don't need to be reminded.

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