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  1. Buy the long tube headers in the for sale section and do the muffler delete mod. You can always add the Mangaflow muffler that folks are using if you want different sound after the muffler delete and still may be under $1K. I keep eyeing the headers so if you get them, I can't. Good luck with your choice! -S
  2. Go to the dealer and drive another 2017 Sierra. If it rides the same, it's normal. If it is different, you have data to make a case with GM. Seems like a straight forward approach... Good luck, -S
  3. Neat idea. I don't understand folks who use the backup camera only and not their mirrors or turn their head. This will make that argument harder. -S
  4. And I thought my reverse lights were bright with the cargo light mod.... -S
  5. Congrats! Very nice ride. I traded in a '15 Chevy SS for a '17 6.2 Sierra. I miss the SS's 6.2, push start, magnetic ride, HUD and sport/track mode button. It was much more fun to drive. It was not a truck though... Enjoy the new ride, -S
  6. This is what I would do. If it's the same, it's normal. If not, they need to fix it. -S
  7. My 6.2 starts up fine, but does have a squeak for the first few seconds after it starts. Sounds like a pulley , thinking the AC. Drives me crazy, but I assume it will be called out as normal. -S
  8. I had a 2014 before the 2017 and it rode about the same. Both were Z71s with the Rancho shocks. -S
  9. I put the Fox 2.0's on my 17 and it handles the big bumps much better now. Small stuff is about the same, but speed bumps are night and day difference. -S
  10. That's crazy. My 2017 Sierra is holding up well so far but I am only at 4000 miles. My 2003 Silverado still looked great when I sold it in 2014. GM should make this tight. That is not normal wear or abuse. Hope they decide to do the right thing, -S.
  11. Mcabtree, thanks for posting this. I gave up scouring ebay for a 2017 cluster but you post has renewed my energy. Can you post a link to the one you purchased? If you ever see another, please shoot me a PM if you can... This mod is very high on my list. Thanks again, -S

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