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  1. 6.2L

    Actually... for anyone interested in GM engines, this is a GREAT link for specs and stuff on most current GM engines. http://www.gmpowertrain.com/product-overview.html
  2. 6.2L

    http://www.gmpowertrain.com/engines/6-2l-l86.html http://www.gmpowertrain.com/engines/5-3l-l83.html Click the links to the Features And Specifications and it will show the torque and HP charts for both engines. To those who think the 5.3L is dated are forgetting that it was a COMPLETELY new engine for 2014. I noticed some people comparing 07 and 2010 5.3L's to a 2014 6.2L, they are not at all a valid comparison. Yes, the 6.2L is faster, better HP and Torque, obviously... Its a bigger engine. But why are the 6.2 guys harping so much on the 5.3L? its still a great engine, I've got one and love it. Would I have liked a 6.2L? sure but not everyone can afford the LTZ trim. My little WT DC 5.3L 4X4 Blackout edition is still a sweet little truck, am I gonna win many races? no. Is it still a great vehicle to drive? I love it, but to each their own. Also something else to note, the 6spd 5.3L is in the high 6's for 0-60 and the 8spd 5.3L is low 7's.
  3. belltech has a 2/3 kit available P/N: 1010SP. Comes with spindles, shackles, shocks and struts.
  4. Have a look at the top of the strut as well. It can be hard to see but there are a few companies out there that use both a bottom and top spacer to give you 2-2.25" in the front. I've got the 2.25" in mine and the top is very hard to notice.
  5. Well then there's the issue of falling out. I feel as though you underestimate how uncoordinated some people are. I mean, hell, I'm likely to fall out of the thing while sober. lol
  6. My camping usually involves excessive amounts of alcohol, I could only imagine climbing into this thing after more than a few wobbly pops. lol
  7. My bad, I misunderstood about power opening vs power lock.
  8. Pop & Lock PL8140. Just bought mine and hope to have it in next week. Luckily I'm friends with a GM tech who specializes in the electrical side of things so he'll be doing the wiring, he just doesn't know it yet.
  9. Do you have the Android Auto App installed on your phone? I don't think its just a plug and play and you, need to have the app on your phone so that its compatible.
  10. Skid plates are available from factory, Got them as an LPO when I ordered my truck. RPO code is "SAM". Its rare to see this on any truck sitting on the lot but if you factory order, ask your salesman about it.
  11. Went from and 03 Cavalier to a 15 WT 1500 with the back up camera. For the corners, the mirrors work great and I've backed my truck into spots I've seen smaller SUV's not try to fit in with no issue.
  12. As others have said, get the OEM one, contact Onstar and upgrade your app to be compatible with it and range is only limited to your internet signal. want to start your truck 10,000miles away, you can do that.
  13. Just because people are interested in this doesn't mean they didn't buy the truck they wanted. I WANTED a WT truck for the mechanical 4wd. If I could have gotten the 6.2L on it I would have but that isn't an option. I'm more than happy with my 5.3L truck and it pulls just fine but I don't understand what's wrong with wanting to make it better. The company has dyno charts showing the HP gains, true or not, they're posted. Now this individual seeming did his own independent test showing very similar results. I put the GM borla on my truck, I have a sprint booster on order, and I'm very interested in this CAI for my truck. I'm interested not because I NEED it, but because I think its neat and want. So I don't understand so much negative press towards a product on a forum with a whole section dedicated to modifications and improvements for people who love their truck and just want to make it their own and better in their own eyes.
  14. I've got a 2.25" on my truck with stock tires, 20's and i think it looks amazing. When these tires are shot i'll be going 275/60R20's though.

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