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  1. I've always launched in 4wd but I saw a lot of guys launching in auto 4wd and wanted to try it. Also I heard a flash start with the Circle D converters normally have faster 60ft times vs stalling it up.
  2. Here is a Video I made today with a flash start. I left it in 4wd vs auto 4wd this time. Also today it is 45 degrees and the video last night it was 28 degrees. Seems to run pretty good both ways.
  3. I hear you there! Working overtime to save up for a supercharger next lol.
  4. One thing I have been told is an aftermarket stall can effect your top end. That is why when paired with the right cam, turbo, supercharger, or nitrous it is great. I dont want to get my hopes up to much as far as expecting a 4 tenth drop on the 1/4 mile et as well.
  5. Got my Circle D 278mm HP 3000-3200 stall put in my truck today. Had my tune adjusted for it and made some other changes. Launching in auto 4wd and leaving it in auto 4wd with Zak from Klug Performance in the truck we logged a 5.18 0 to 60 with a 1/4 tank of e85 and air temp of 32 degrees tonight. Last week with Zak in the truck an air temp of 28 degrees, same fuel amount, same launch prior to the stall truck did a 5.60 0 to 60. Right around a 4 tenth gain. Can't wait till spring to get some time slips with the new converter. Drives great under normal driving conditions and at highway speeds. Very happy with my choice.
  6. 2015 Sierra Double Cab 4x4 5.3 with a Torqstorm Supercharger, intercooler, smaller pulley, 10 psi, and 50/50 water meth.
  7. Thanks. Hoping to have more 13 second time slips in the spring with the new converter.
  8. I had a 2015 Silverado with the 4.3 Was a very fun truck. I had a Klug Performance e85 tune, K&N drop in Filter, and a Spintech 6000 muffler. Link to my best 1/4 mile time with the truck which was a [email protected](1/4) [email protected](1/8) 2.17 60ft. http://www.dragtimes.com/Chevrolet-CK1500-Truck-Timeslip-27884.html
  9. Break down of their unit. Refreshed kit for the 2014+ GM trucks should be out soon.
  10. Well my Circle D stall goes in on the 13th and already looking for the next mod. I am thinking of going with a Torqstorm Supercharger. It is a local company in Michigan not far from where I live. Look to be very nice kits, limited lifetime warranty and the kits are 2800 dollars. They are not inter-cooled but they do come with a water/meth bung. For the price seems like a great deal. Just curious if anyone has used their superchargers before? https://www.facebook.com/Torqstorm/ http://www.torqstorm.com/index.html
  11. Black Rhino Mozambique 18x8.5 24mm offset wheels with Falken Wildpeak AT3s 265/65/18R
  12. Went with a Circle D 278mm HP Series converter with a 3000-3200 rpm stall speed. After talking to Chris with Circle D this is the converter he recommended for my truck. I ordered it this morning and should be getting it installed the week of the 11th. Once it is installed and I have my TCM changed for the new converter I will upload a video with the results.
  13. My 2017 Silverado Z71. K&N drop in filter, Airaid MIT, Black Widow 250 muffler with the 3rd cat and resonator delete, Klug Performance e85 tune, Falken Wildpeak AT3s 265/65 18R, Black Rhino Mozambique 18s, a Trifecta tonneau cover and took off the Silverado on the doors and back.
  14. Might have to give one a try.
  15. My next item I want to try in a Green Filter. I hear they flow a little better than the K&N filters.

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