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  1. We don't know what year OPs truck is but the fuel pump does not automatically prime when the door opens til you have either a '16 or '17, I forget which. I can confirm this because when my '15 was in for service I had a '17 loaner and that was the first thing I noticed was the fuel pump priming when the door opens. My guess is the OP has either a '14 or '15 and the buzzing sound is coming from somewhere under the hood near all the electrical box / pcm area. Mine does this too randomly after shutoff. It buzzes for a few seconds.
  2. Hmm Im at about 34k miles, 17 or so lifetime avaerage per the DIC. 34000/17 = 2000 gallons * lets says $3.00 a gal for premium to keep it simple so $6,000.00 so far I guess, dang!
  3. Im just curious, does the Krown application soften the wax frame coating?
  4. Glad to hear you are enjoying the MPG. I figured I was going to get around 13 or 14 with this but constantly averaging 17 with mostly suburban driving I am happy!
  5. I've ran mine for 2 winters and will again be running them this winter. If the roads are snowy or slushy I just throw it in Auto, I mean, that's why I have a 4x4 anyway. I haven't had any situations where I was like ohhh crap!! And I am not one to really slow it down in the snow either. I remember just a few years ago when I was younger, 16-22 in my previous truck, I used to think that I needed my BFG A/Ts so I could easily run 2wd in snowy conditions and not need my 4x4, or the Auto mode. Since I bought this truck at 23, and now being 25, I'm just like wtf was I even thinking, was I cool because I drove around in 2wd in the snow? My two cents: Put the darn thing in Auto and don't even worry about sliding out from a stop or sliding out around a corner as traffic is coming, whether you got slicks or the meanest A/T tires. Get on the gas n rock n roll bud, with confidence.
  6. I see... Ive never owned a boat, just jetskis, so I have no idea what all is involved but its good to hear your side of the story. The only reason it "bothers" me is because the two launches I go to have signs everywhere saying "No power loading". It sounds like its avoidable at times due to the launch. Good to know!
  7. When people use their engine to move the boat up onto the trailer. Usually its when the guy doesn't back his trailer in far enough and hes gotta get the boat up another foot or two, so he starts giving it a lot of throttle to move it. I didn't see too much of it this year.
  8. I had the stick on on my last truck and did them again on this truck. No regrets. I personally think they look great!
  9. How come the display isnt accurate to the third? What about NNE or ESE...? 😁
  10. Love it! So is that version with round holes then? I thought I remember someone mentioning you need a square hole, that might have been the 15+ HD models.
  11. Wow the gains on the webpage seem pretty aggressive. Im assuming that is 93 octane with the 6.2L. "6.2L gains: up to +45 ft-lbs torque, +22 horsepower (peak gains of up to 31 ft-lbs torque, +16 horsepower" Anyone know why they specify the peak gains and them being lower than the first set of numbers they give? I'm trying to look at the dyno graph on my phone but cant read the numbers.
  12. Super 10 Muffler

    Haha oh ok I was way off on that one!
  13. Super 10 Muffler

    I think Luster on here is running a Flowmaster 10 series and claims it actually isn't all that bad. This is his video: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/alm0J7uvX_0"frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  14. Hey guys. I've noticed some oddities, or maybe it's just normal function, with Intellilink, specifically when doing Media via SD card. I've experienced three different scenarios. First one is when a song is playing, sometimes I'll hit the Browse button and search for another song. What's strange is sometimes it'll automatically open the list of songs at whatever the current playing song is, and other times it'll just open from the very top of the list. I find this somewhat annoying. Second scenario, when Browsing for songs, if I don't give it any activity for a minute or two, it'll just go back to displaying the current song playing, other times it'll stay in the list of song view until I either click back or click a song. Third scenario - by default, the music is set to Shuffle. I was listening to a song by Jason Aldean and had a few others that I wanted to listen to by him, so I opened up the Browse button and planned on clicking the next song I wanted to hear by him once the current one ended. Interestingly.. instead of shuffling, it just went to the next song alphabetically, so another Jason Aldean song. I thought to myself maybe its a coincidence. The next song finished and again it just went to the next song alphbetically. So yea those are my scenarios. Anyone ever experience anything like this? I would say the thing I hate the most is that the Browse button doesn't always take me to the song currently playing within the list, instead it goes to the top alphabetically.
  15. Would you buy or have bought a former police vehicle

    My dad bought an 07 Charger ex cop car a few years back for my brother to use. It had around 90k miles on it. Theyve put in around $1500 to $2000 into it since then. Interior definitely shows wear and tear more so than youd expect. Engine has been solid. Had a driveshaft and u joint issue, there was a horrible vibration that started to form. AC condensor needed replacenent. Battling a Check Engine Light entire ownership period. Overall the car has been dependable, in the aspect its never stranded him anywhere. I would pass tho imo.

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