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  1. Hey guys, I have a 2015 Sierra which was built in April 2015 (mexico). I popped off one of the dust caps to see what bulb I have in there, it says Phillips on the backside of the bulb fixture. Now, I know there a service bulletin out for certain trucks to modify the BCM plus replace the bulb with what appears to be the Vosla +30 bulb. I don't believe my truck was part of this TSB. Anyway, thing is, this bulb seems really hard to find in the USA. It seems like a really good bulb tho, better than silver star ultras. Anyone have any info on this light? I really want something which is currently better than what came stock, especially since I've just moved to an area where street lights aren't really a thing. These seem like a legit halogen bulb. Link to their site... http://www.vosla-german-lighting.com/en/automobile-lighting/headlight-bulbs/headlight-bulbs.html?action=detail&product_id=374&type=HIR2&name=30%+more+Light
  2. Dont over think it. 4Hi n fly. Put the phone down, both hands on the wheel, scan the road far ahead so you maximize your available reaction time. 😁
  3. Shifting

    If you really want to be reminded how clunky the shifting can be put a 20 pack of empty beer bottles in the back seat, they clank around every shift LOL... experienced this on Thansgiving Day. Im in the process of a moving to a hillyish area and noticed my truck shifting has gotten a bit worse... wonder if its trying to figre out the new terrain.
  4. In the summer time I'm only getting maybe an ounce or two per thousand miles. In fact I drove 3,004 miles round trip last summer on a vacation and there was only a couple ounces of oil in there. It's the winter time (not FL winters, MI winters etc...) where you really gotta be mindful of checking it often, weekly in my opinion. It fills up a lot faster due to condensation. There are a few threads in the forum here which have a lot of additional info.
  5. It's not factory nor do they come with them from the factory. You can't see it in any of the pictures, I have it mounted where the spare battery tray is / windshield washer fluid area. You can see the two hoses running to the can in both pictures where I capture most of the engine bay.
  6. I think I know exactly which bracket you are talking about, I remember seeing it yesterday when looking into the engine bay from the passenger side. I remember seeing a notch in the "silencer" and thought hmm I wonder if the bracket should be slid into this notch... I gave it a little tug but it didn't really move much and I wasn't sure how hard I could start tugging on this thing. I will check it today after work and report back tonight. I can't believe a critter would have that much strength! lol Hilarious... I love it...
  7. man I wonder what the hell happened. I think the left side of mine needs to go back towards the firewall if I'm not mistaken. Look at the tube, its bent outta wack... robbing hp and mpgs I felt all the connections on it, everything felt ok so at least it appears that everything has been functioning. Tomorrow after work I'll have to have to mess around with it and see what I can do. Is anyone able to snap a picture of this from the passenger side of the truck?
  8. Ill have to check into that. I was kind of wiggling it around, it doesnt really move freely... so strange... checked my phone for previous engine bay pics, none!
  9. Hey guys, popped the hood to empty my catch can and quickly noticed it appears that something is living under my hood at night because my plastics are dirty, but the real question i have here is... is the big air intake/silencer crooked ? I dont recall it being like this but... who knows. Its a 6.2L 2015. UPDATE: As mentioned in posts below, something (or somehow) moved the intake up enough to make the bracket get misaligned from a knotch where it should be. Crazy! This thing does not easily wiggle around so no idea how it happened. Pics! Also I ended up wiping out the throttle body - it was kind of dirty but didnt seem too oily... catch can is working? Havent cleaned the throttle body since 33k miles ago when I installed the catch can at about 1200 miles.
  10. We don't know what year OPs truck is but the fuel pump does not automatically prime when the door opens til you have either a '16 or '17, I forget which. I can confirm this because when my '15 was in for service I had a '17 loaner and that was the first thing I noticed was the fuel pump priming when the door opens. My guess is the OP has either a '14 or '15 and the buzzing sound is coming from somewhere under the hood near all the electrical box / pcm area. Mine does this too randomly after shutoff. It buzzes for a few seconds.
  11. Hmm Im at about 34k miles, 17 or so lifetime avaerage per the DIC. 34000/17 = 2000 gallons * lets says $3.00 a gal for premium to keep it simple so $6,000.00 so far I guess, dang!
  12. Im just curious, does the Krown application soften the wax frame coating?
  13. Glad to hear you are enjoying the MPG. I figured I was going to get around 13 or 14 with this but constantly averaging 17 with mostly suburban driving I am happy!
  14. I've ran mine for 2 winters and will again be running them this winter. If the roads are snowy or slushy I just throw it in Auto, I mean, that's why I have a 4x4 anyway. I haven't had any situations where I was like ohhh crap!! And I am not one to really slow it down in the snow either. I remember just a few years ago when I was younger, 16-22 in my previous truck, I used to think that I needed my BFG A/Ts so I could easily run 2wd in snowy conditions and not need my 4x4, or the Auto mode. Since I bought this truck at 23, and now being 25, I'm just like wtf was I even thinking, was I cool because I drove around in 2wd in the snow? My two cents: Put the darn thing in Auto and don't even worry about sliding out from a stop or sliding out around a corner as traffic is coming, whether you got slicks or the meanest A/T tires. Get on the gas n rock n roll bud, with confidence.

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