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  1. Whats Under my Basement Tiles?

    I was thinking to use a stand up buffer but like you said that would be dangerous I suppose and really stir it up. Better off getting some hand brushes to keep it from flying around. I keep everything pretty wet though that should keep most particles falling back to the ground I would think. The cement is not smooth, the tiles a little bit wavy. I will have to look into this skim coat, the floor is not perfectly smooth in the tile area. The rest of the basement is smooth. (weird?). I am not sure how the water table is. What I do know is I am at pretty much the highest point on my road. What i want to do for now is just get it clean then paint the floor grey with a cement paint and reseal the cement blocks in the basement.
  2. Whats Under my Basement Tiles?

    The question is, which product will be best to scrub with? That'll be the next thing I research once I take care of the tiles. What do you mean I'm screwed if I get a real test done? Do they take the home address? So are you saying like if I went to sell the home and the assumed asbestos tiles were no longer there, it could still be a problem for selling? I am confused, sorry!
  3. Whats Under my Basement Tiles?

    It's just cement underneath the tiles, no sub floor. I don't believe there are water leaks anywhere. I have walked around several times looking at the floor above and the wood appears normal. I notice the stench in two corners of the basement. One corner is where the litter boxes were. My basement has a wall that runs about 60% of the way across about a quarter of the basement, soon as you get onto the other side, it just smells like a normal basement, so I have isolated it to the tiled area from this "scientific experiment" lol. I'll have to give this a try. The tiles aren't too thick. Maybe like 1/8 of an inch? I'd have to measure. Definitely waaaay less than a quarter of an inch that's for sure!
  4. Whats Under my Basement Tiles?

    house was built in the 1950s. Don't know much else. I am going to get the tiles tested for asbestos. Let's say that is mold, wouldn't that be dangerous for me to cleanup as well? Doesn't it like get in the air something?
  5. Whats Under my Basement Tiles?

    No idea how old the flooring is. When the had the home inspection done, the inspector was leaning more towards no, however he suggested an asbestos test to be absolutely certain. I just found this lab that is literally 3 miles from my house. Looks like you can drop off a sample there and the cost isn't too much. I am going to give them a call to get some info. This would be so much more convenient then doing one of those mail order tests. I am still concerned about what's under there though...
  6. Whats Under my Basement Tiles?

    Hey guys, Any one here know what this funky stuff is under my basement tiles? Been in this house for about 6 months and the basement on random days has a really funky smell. Everyone that I've had come down there and ask their opinion all agreed upon a cat pee smell (previous owner did have a cat). I soaked the floor with a gallon concentrate of the cat pee remover stuff from Pet Smart. That didn't seem to do anything. I bought a gallon of this odor ban stuff from Home Depot and mixed it real strong, did the floor three times. No luck. I'm wondering if its a mold or something... I tore a piece of tie back. I think I'm gonna get ready soon to tackle this project of tearing it all up and maybe rent a floor scrubber from Home Depot and get a super aggressive pad and some type of strong cleaner and go to town. I just hope I'm not getting into a major health hazard (mold.. etc...?) Thoughts what's going on here?
  7. The "Catch Can" Explained

    So what would be the symptoms if one or both hoses become totally clogged?
  8. Which Lawn/Garden Tractor To Buy?

    Yea I ended up going with a Toro Timemaster 30" self propelled. We'll see how this plays out. No sign of mowing the lawn anytime soon in SE Michigan... will definitely report back though!
  9. Thanks Donstar for the feedback. I have very good rapport with my Service Advisor (so does my dad and grandma!) so yea this is just a conversation I need to bring up next oil change and be more serious about. I casually brought it up last time and we had quick discussion but we ultimately both just kind of let it go. I'm almost embarrassed when it's my turn to drive the guys to lunch on Friday and as the truck is shifting thru the gears I can visually see everyones heads bopping back and forth because of the surging or whatever lol. No one ever said anything to me at least
  10. My 8 speed was having one of it's good days on the way into work this morning.. .well... for upshifting at least. Was shifting very smooth. One or two times I was coming to a stop it clunked, not sure which shift it was doing. Anyone annoyed with these 8 speeds when coming to a slow roll at a yield sign? I always seem to get back on the gas while it's changing gears. Does anyone know if the powertrain warranty would cover the dealer going for a "ride along" to see if the trans is acting "normal" or not? My Bumper to Bumper is out.
  11. Jealous!! What about manual upshifting to hold them gears out a little bit?
  12. Did you do the offset muffler or the centered one?
  13. Truck stolen!... Update!

    Clearly this whole thing sounds like an insurance job.... well played.... :-) just kidding, congrats on new truck man!
  14. So you have no other mods which would impact the sound right? I've listened to a few other videos and no one elses truck seems to sound like yours. Either they are using junk cameras or I think it may even be because they are just running a 3 inch pipe with no tip. Also, with your idle vids, are those operating temp idles or is it idling around 750rpm or whatever when it's still choking a little to warm the engine? Been watching your vids over and over daily LOL.
  15. Just listened to your new vid plus the older ones where you had it positioned behind the wheel, as well as the before and after the Corsa tip. So, you got rid of the resonator and third cat and only have the muffler. You say no drone, or minimal drone while cruising on the highway around 70-80mph eh? This exhaust sounds really good, sounds sick at idle, especially when you put it in D lol these trucks have a good lope to em!! What kind of sound difference did you notice between the single exit and twin exit tip? I'm getting tired of driving around stock and was really hoping to do a Corsa, but I'm now a new home owner and reality is I can easily justify $300 on an exhaust, not $1100 at this time. I don't want to drive stock for another 2 years or so. I think what I'd do is buy this muffler, take it to a shop and have them remove the factory system and then just fab up a quick cat back out the one side. Edit: just listened to your highway pull vid.... man I miss that sound!!!!

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