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  1. Try cleaning the MAF sensor and switching back to the stock intake. The CAI does nothing for the truck, other than make it sound louder...
  2. I would jack up the rear end (& put it on jackstands), then try shifting while rotating the driveshaft, just to see if you can get it to shift (as it's a pain to remove the TC if you don't have too...). Also see if anything is around the shaft/lever on the TC that is jamming it (like a stone or a stick?). But, if it still doesn't shift at all, then take it would and crack it open. Short of something physically striking/jamming on the shift lever, it is unlikely the fork is bent (as they are pretty well forged, you are more likely to bend the shift lever in the cab or the linkage before bending the fork). It could be worn out or something else has broken and jammed the mechanism inside. And if you are doing it (remove and open), I would suggest: -anaerobic flange sealer for sealing the two case halves -replacing the output shaft bushing & seal (it's been 14 years...) -pump rub pressed metal plate if it doesn't have a pump rub fix installed Look at the other seals if they are leaking.
  3. Some might come out, but not lots (similar to the amount that would come out from a 2wd allison pulling out the driveshaft. And the void between the transmission and transfer case should be dry, even though there is a gasket there (which is stupid, but it just takes longer for people to notice the leak, possibly compromising the seal for the other unit)...
  4. Input

    Not necessarily. And while you have to disconnect everything (driveshaft's, wiring harness, cooling lines), you don't have to drop the transmission to do it, you should be able to just shift the transmission back a couple of inches to be able to look at it and get a torque wrench on the bolts.
  5. maybe your master cylinder isn't putting out equal pressure on both ports?
  6. Yeah, it's just alphabetical. There are lots of rpo code decoders online. I found I have to use more than one to decode all of them for both my '04 and '06 Sierra's.
  7. Really, the only manual to get is the full-service manual. Either get it in print from helminc.com or ebay/amazon, or get an online subscription at helminc.com or alldatadiy.com (not that expensive, $50 for 5 years). I used to buy haynes manuals, but if you compare them for different vehicles, most of the book is the same, with a relatively small amount of vehicle-specific information and when you have more than just a simple problem, the Haynes just doesn't cover it.
  8. Yeah, GM puts out something called a "Full Service Manual" for their vehicles, and every dealer has access to it, and it has multi-step diagnostic procedures for testing pretty much every electrical system in the truck, including the air bags. For the dealer to do the "throw parts at it and see what happens" is ridiculous. You were totally ripped off.
  9. 2002 Chevy throwing codes P0171 & P0174

    There are all kinds of things that can cause this. Maybe first check that all the bolts are present in both exhaust manifolds, as they tend to break off.
  10. The motive power bleeder is NOT "universal". If you go to their website, they list a number of different caps, based on make/year, because everyone doesn't use the same cap, and it has to fit very well or else you wind up just spraying brake fluid everywhere. As a second note, if you use it, and try to follow the instructions in GM's full-service manual for pressure bleeding, the pressure that GM says to use can/will blow off the plastic cap they normally sell for GM's. They make a billet-metal one that will stay on when under that pressure for a little more money...
  11. a grounding problem? your wiring harness slowly burning up? sensor decided to fail over a period of time? sign of the apocalypse?
  12. You cleaned both sides? And both sides have new pads?
  13. If the rotors are warped, you would feel pulsing in the brake pedal and/or steering wheel. Just straight pulling means one side is braking more than the other. Did you replace the brake pads on both sides? Maybe clean the rotors (maybe oil or brake fluid got on one of them)?
  14. Verizon vs AT&T

    That is a very sweet deal for Verizon. They get to put up a small cell tower in your home (sometimes getting you to pay for the device itself), then you get to pay for both power and internet access for it, and then Verizon gets to charge you for using it. As well, everybody else in the area also get to use it.
  15. it heated the fluid. it was recalled shortly thereafter because of overheating problems.

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