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  1. Ok the responses in this thread are golden hahahaha In light of giving an actual response, if it's a daily driver i would say mid travel. That's what i've been looking at. It's more practical for day to day, at least for my uses it is. As said before, the baja kits looks pretty great.
  2. Dude those lights look AWESOME. Now you've got me light shopping haha
  3. I would say if you want tires any bigger than stock, you're way safer going with a less extreme offset. Those -44s will stick out A LOT and you're VERY limited on what you can run without chopping a bunch of metal. stock offset (around +25) all the way out to 0 offset are much safer and the 0 offset doesn't give quite as much stance but still looks awesome.
  4. A -44 offset is going to be pretty far out there. I haven't paid much attention to that particular offset, but i would imagine you might have rubbing with a lot of different tire sizes on that much of a negative offset. Maybe someone else can chime in and help out with experience or findings? The 295/70/18s i was referring to were on +18 offset wheels, the -44 will stick out probably 2.5-3 inches more than the +18 offset.
  5. 35s will rub on a level pretty much regardless of offset. I've seen some people able to trim the fender liner and get away with it, but it still rubs from what i've heard. Never heard of anyone pulling it off successfully. Biggest tires i've seen fit without rubbing are 295/70/18 nitto terra grapplers.
  6. I'm running BFG KO2s in 275/70R18 and did on stock wheels for a couple years with no issues whatsoever. If you level you shouldn't have anything to worry about. I also ran 285/65/18 BFG KOs on stock wheels with and without a level and never had any rubbing. I would think you would be perfectly fine with those. They shouldn't be wide enough to rub anything. At most I would think you might have to trim the felt fender liner just ever so slightly as the 275/70s are decently tall.
  7. Just had these wheels installed last week. 18" Method Grids in Titanium color. +18 offset 275/70R18 BFG KO2's I've had the tires a while and it's about time to get a new set. Hoping to go with the new Falken AT3's in 305/65R18
  8. Took these this morning. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Sounds is coming from the system in general. The MIT doesn't pull quite as much air as some of these systems and the stock airbox is made to be very quiet. I will say though, once you install the exhaust, look into getting a custom tune. Makes both changes work together and you hardly notice the intake making noise at odd times. You'll also net a lot more of a gain with the intake you have, once you get a tune.
  10. TYRICH88's 2015 Z71 BUILD

    Took a few new pics of the truck this morning. It’s been raining for a week and it finally stopped long enough to get the truck washed and get a couple pics. I LOVE the wheels the more I look at them. Need to figure out which black running boards I’m going to get. Thought about n fab a lot but I want to try them on a truck before I buy them. I don’t want to buy something with steps in weird places and not be happy with them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. TYRICH88's 2015 Z71 BUILD

    I had been looking at them on places like discount tire direct, eBay, 4wheel parts and AutoAnything for a while and I honestly just happened upon bbwheels the day I bought them. I was planning on getting 17” NVs but ended up getting these partially because of the deal I got. I’m glad I got these as well. They look awesome on the truck! So I just got lucky, but if you keep watching them you’ll probably find a deal on them sooner or later! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. unless the person you're dealing with at the dealership doesn't have a brain stem.. you should be fine. Some dealerships like to be ridiculous though... if you're dealer is like that, find another dealer.
  13. You should be fine on a level. I ran 285s on a level with stock wheels for over a year and had no issues on or off road.
  14. Yes it will be fine. You'll still see a gain, just not as much as with a tune. My father in law has been running an intake and exhaust on his 6.2 high country for a while now without a tune and it performs just fine. It is louder than stock, but with the AFE having an enclosure that might muffle some of the sound from it. Mine is open, as is my father in laws, so they're probably a little louder.

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