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  1. Are you guys sending your headunits in to get the CarPlay programmed or is this something I can do myself.
  2. Not worried about bottoming out. I load the truck up from time to time. I just wanna keep it level when loaded. So it’s not sagging in the rear.
  3. Has anyone found a helper bag kit for a 3” drop in the rear. I was looking at the 4-6” drop kit and maybe making a spacer.
  4. Try a new purge valve. If the valve is bad it won’t release pressure in the tank. Or a pressure regulator if there is one on the fuel rail.
  5. How are you guys adding apple CarPlay?
  6. Do you have more info on the auto dropping tailgate. Maybe pm with what is needed. Also if it works with the auto lock kit.
  7. From what I’m reading drop shackles with smaller blocks only need at most 2degrees. They are belltech so I’d rather order them and have them then not have them and need them. For the $20 they cost.
  8. Some people complain about a vibration from pinion angle being off. The shims just realign the differential closer to stock position.
  9. I live in the nyc area. Not sure how it would work for the mag ride suspension. I’m guessing you would have to adjust the sensor.
  10. I ordered 1/2” spacers and have 2degree shims and belltech shocks coming. Don’t want it completely level for when I load it. I hate the sagging look which I still may get so I might look into helper bags.
  11. This is the only pic I have till I get home. I did it myself but I’m also a mechanic. So all my tools are readily available. Like others have said the hardest part is folding the bed seam but an air hammer made it much easier. Other then that regular hand tools can get the job done.
  12. 2015 all terrain. 2” drop shackles and 22” black chrome sey wheels. Painted handles and mirrors.
  13. Post Pics of your "Other" Rides

    07 TBSS heads/cam/tvs1900/kooks long tube with full exhaust. Also rpm level 6 trans/lowered with 3 piece true forged 20x8/10 setup.

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