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  1. My 2017 6.2 Max tow runs hotter towing then did my 2015 5.3 by a noticble margin but not alarming as it cools when the fans kick in.
  2. Being an ex s/m and then a factory service rep ( not GM ) they will not buy back as lemon law as it requires repair attempts , time out of service etc at least in the states where I called on. I agree repainting is not a best scenario but have had vehicles repainted that were better than factory. Also have had some worse. Best deal is to work with dealer. Been down this road with several customers over the years and I understand how you feel. You will have to decide how bad it really is. Not a good situation for you , dealer or manufacturer. Good luck.
  3. 2017 Max tow 6.2 8 speed. Mine is in shop for same concern 4 th time. Vibration is felt in steering wheel and gas pedal when accl. Have had 2 converters replaced and 3 fluid flushes. Love the truck but they truly have a problem with the converters. Made worse when towing my 8000 trailer. Truck rated for over 11,000 so itโ€™s not overloaded.
  4. 2 converters and 3 flushes later and shutter is still very much present. Worse when towing. 1 st gear is great but starts when shifts to second. Still working with tech and GMC for repair. I think they have a problem that might be hard to correct. 6.2 Max tow.
  5. Just thinking out loud in my head - with all the dealers trucks flooded in all the hurricanes and inventory low will they have the big sales? ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€. Might not make any difference but....
  6. Iโ€™d settle for the crappy shifting if I could get the shudder on accl out of it. 2 converters and 3 flushes and still apparent from 2 nd gear on very pronounced with rv towing. Still working with gmc on fix
  7. I must be the unluckiest truck owner out there. 2017 6.2 max tow 8 speed. Severe shutter when 1-2 shift. You can feel in steering wheel and floor boards and then thru the rest of the gears till rpm' s increase. Unload drivetrain (neutral) and gets baby smooth. 2 t/converters and 3 flushes later that is not the problem. Worse since new converter installed yesterday. Still feels exactly like bulletin discusses. Will have to call GMC and open cr complaint. Tech is out of ideas. Any thoughts please feel free t holler
  8. As far as your temp gauge reading higher my 2017 max tow 6.2 does the same. I had a 2015 5.3 3:42 that I sold for the 2017. Trans temps are lower when towing on the 2017 but eng temp ( according to the inaccurate gauge) are slightly higher never a problem or concern but noticeable. Might have some to do with the grille shutters but they would be wide open at that temp.
  9. Most I've towed is 9000 and is no problem thru hills etc. Pulls like a champ. Lot of difference between 9 and 12 k. I also bought this as it is my dd also so did not want a gas guzzler 2500 Imo. Traded my 2015 Silverado 5.3 and mileage is the same and maybe slightly better in the 6.2. It also had the 3:42 butt gears. Good luck.
  10. Reason for sale ? Curious as to why your selling thanks.
  11. What are the symptoms. Shuttering? Going in for my 2nd tq in a few weeks.
  12. Did not watch him complete but have a good relation with the tech. Even give him a 20 buck tip. I did that job for years and worked as a s/m and factory rep. Bitch of a job and I have a lot of respect for techs since I was one a 100 years ago Thanks for your insight and will take it back again with a few more thoughts.
  13. Thanks for the info but all service bulletins have been completed. New part # converter replaced and flushed 3 times and the new type atf installed. Just seeing if any one else had continuing problems after all completed. I'm on top,of this like a tic on a dog. I found where the converter part # has changed from 24279497( bulletin part#) to 24280633( which is what I had installed) to a new number 24285996. If anyone knows if just a number change or maybe a newer part in the system. Dealer has blank stares when I start asking.
  14. 2017 Sierra 6.2 8 speed max tow. 3500 miles. Still has shudder even though converter replaced and new type fluid installed. Has anyone else have the continuing problem or has it been corrected? Shifting on mine is good but the shutter is bad especially when towing.
  15. Correct. Lemon Law only applies to new vehicles and to the original owner listed on the title. Been involved with such as an ex factory rep.

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