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  1. I have never used my 4 G Wifi or Onstar for an emergency situation. Has anyone tried to use either system to get an emergency message or 911 call while out in the boonies without a cell signal? We are now pulling a 5th wheel and plan on going to Alaska and other desolate locations and would like to know if these systems will or can work. Thank you for any information.
  2. You are fine. Perhaps a great solution to your problem is to buy a small travel trailer. You can load that up with the baby gear, clothes and food items. beach stuff can go either the trailer or in the bed of the truck. Then there will be plenty of room for people and dogs in the cab.
  3. I went from a 2015 1500 DC to a 2016 2500 Duramax. I wished that I had started with the Duramax. We needed a new TT and had to eat it selling my 1500 right at the 2 years mark. The diesel is sweet pulling the new trailer. We live in CA and tow in the mountains all the time. Since the duramax is a CC and is my DD, it is a pain to park. But I swear that it gets better milage in city driving than my 1500 did. But pulling my old trailer with the 1500 and pulling the new trailer that is 3 x heavier with the duramax there is no contest. The Duramax is amazing.
  4. I will be doing that on my truck at some point in the future.
  5. I just returned from a long trip pulling my 5th wheel. I was getting over 12 mpg while towing while on the flat. It was getting around 8-9 going up I-80 to Donner Summit. I have been getting over 22 mpg without towing and around 18 mpg in city driving. This beast has better city mileage than my 2015 1500 got. I am so impressed. I was so expecting that I was going to be pulling around a giant gas hog, just so that we could pull a 5th wheel. I am beyond pleased. And it is not even broke in yet. I can't wait until it is completely broke in to see what kind of mileage it will get. It is still a pain to park in most small space parking lots, but I am living with it.
  6. Oh no! That reminds me I need to set up my dash cam. Had a guy today decide that he was going to try to pass me and then cut me off by my running down the bike lane. He was in a Nissan type sedan. Really? a mid-sized sedan challenging a 2500 that has the right of way? His brain must be very small.
  7. Yep had problems hooking up the tow chains for my old 24 foot TT with a weight distributing hitch. No problem with my 1500, but we had to buy a special locking hook. I was scratching my head wondering whose designed this? My hubby didn't believe me that it wasn't going to work, so he marched over in a huff and suddenly there were some choice words coming from his mouth. We had to leave our storage place and go to a hardware store to buy a hook to get us on the road. I was not a happy camper about it. Now that we have a 5th wheel no problems. But I do keep that locking hook in my toolbox.
  8. I I hope not. That would not make me a happy camper if that happened while I was towing our 5th wheel. It has never happened to me. But I have had it lock up on me when I was parked.
  9. Why? Are you serious? Leather is so much more durable. When I had cloth seats in my van, when kids would get in with wet clothes, bathing suits or towels I could "hear" the cloth sucking the water right into the seats. I am surprised that I didn't get mold going at times. You have a wet muddy dog on your cloth seats and you will wish you had stayed with the leather. I had to put a barrier down to prevent our dog from leaving that wonderful wet dog smell permanently imbedded in my old van. JMHO.
  10. Be sure and take it to the car wash and get the sand and salt off of it as much as possible and as fast as possible. That salt can cause significant damage. If you want to cheat, take it to a quality car wash and have them do it and vacuum the interior to get the sand out of there as well. And yes the staff get a big fat tip when my truck has been trashed by going camping or to the beach.
  11. Funny how long we can own this complex vehicles and still make discoveries about this. I have had mine for 9 months. So my original thought was correct after all. I would prefer the seats that I had in my 15 without the huge center console , but alas the LTZ doesn't come with that option.
  12. Oh now that would make sense. Thank you for your input.
  13. And now another question about the vented seats in from a 16. I noticed a zipper system in the back of the seat. Couldn't find the actual zipper, but thought that it was strange to have a zipper in the seat. Anybody else notice this? Any theories as to why there is a zipper there?
  14. Call me crazy? Did GMC do a correction on their rating for the Duramax? After we purchased our Duramax almost a year ago we were looking to see what type of we could tow. Once we started looking at fifth wheel I then looked up the towing guide. The guide (back then) stated that the allowed weight for a 5th wheel was in the 13,800 range. I was so upset because the salesman told us that it could tow a lot more . I even brought in the printout from the 2016 trailering guide. He was stunned. I had even checked the 2015 guide to make sure that there wasn't a glitch in the numbers. He went to his head mechanic and got back to us to tell us that something was wrong with that number and we could tow at least 16,000. So when I saw this thread I decided to see what was the chatter was about. And for giggles I open up the 2015 guide and it states 17,000. Then I went to check on the 16 guide yep it was also up to 17,000. So someone must have made a ( 4,000 lb) mistake and enough people were questioning that number to get the correction numbers plugged in. Now I dare anyone to tell me that I my 5th wheel is over the capacity of my truck.

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