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  1. https://www.amazon.com/Waterproof-Lights-Daytime-Running-Driving/dp/B01LS90YI4/ref=pd_sim_263_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=FJ7FRQEP00VRZQ0BVNNZ been using these, much brighter and white light, not purple-ish.
  2. I have the AirLift 5000 with wireless compressor controller for about 2 years now. Its been great, no issues and get the bed backup when it is loaded up.
  3. Front has 3" lift spindles, 1.5" top coil spacer and Bilstein 5100 set at .75" = total 5.25" Rear has 5" block and 5 Leaf springs(added about .5") = total 5.5"
  4. Ride feels smoother and I cannot tell a difference in sound on the highway either. I do have some minimal rubbing while backup. Going to take a look this morning to see were/what needs to be done to fix. How many miles have you guys been getting out of the Toyo's?
  5. Just waiting for the workday to be over. Then Ill be heading to have new shoes fitted and aligned. Going with Toyo AT 2, 35x12.5r18 I got 40K on the stock dura-tracks. Excited!!
  6. I know the feeling, you’re not the only one.
  7. I used E85 for the first time a few weeks ago. Little worried when I was filling up since I have only used 87 Oct in the truck. E85 was about 30 cent cheaper. I did notice a big change in the truck, it felt much stronger. More Fun! If I had e85 easy to get to for fill ups I would only use it. Loved using it and looking forward to finding it again!
  8. So far the code has not come back on, and hopefully will not. I would rather not drop the tank to change the sensor.
  9. Guess I have been lucky, just got my first check engine light yesterday after work. Trucks is at 45K. Checked last night when I got home, P0451, evap pressure sensor error. I just cleared the code and seeing if it comes back. Anyone else gotten this code?
  10. Its been a few months and the new leaf springs are great! No noise/creaks/squeaks/moans or groans, just happy quite driving! @ GMC-AT, how are yours doing since having them installed?
  11. Yes, please post the measurements if you have them. I had my front brake line spring a leak on my prior 03 Silverado, not fun when your pedal is on the floor and your not slowing. I would rather have the extra protection of steel braided vs rubber. Side note: Steel braided lines are my first upgrade on every sportbike I have owned.
  12. So True! Closest I have found are Bushwackers OE Style, but they are not as narrow as the stock seirra's. Also not cheap.

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