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    2015 Silverado 2500hd CCSB 6.0 4x4 White
  1. My 08 2500 had 4.10s. I'm not towing much really, about 6,000lbs of rock crawler / low profile trailer then about 1,000 lbs of cargo in the bed plus passengers and luggage. ALways kind of wondered if 3.73s would have been easier on fuel for the rest of the time I was empty?
  2. ok, thank you. Good to know. No real "first year bug" type stuff on the 2011 since nothing entirely new.
  3. I made a mistake and traded my 2008 2500hd 6.0 truck in on a 2013 F150 ecoboost max tow truck and starting to regret it. While the F150 is very nice and has great power I am kind of wanting to go back to a 2500 GM truck. Biggest complaint I had on my 2008 was the combination of being hard on fuel and having a 26 gal tank. Seems I read a thread a few years back that when they redesigned the chassis they went to a 30-something gal tank. Can't seem to find that now but was thinking it was 2011 or 2012??? Also is there anything else good, bad, or different from say my old 2008 to the newer vintage change at that year to look into?
  4. How's it going? Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  5. 2011 is the switch to 8 on 180mm. I'd just clean all those brackets off the axle and start fresh with new perches from someone like Ruff Stuff. For searching for more on this might check out CK5 too.
  6. I've run Yukon along with other brands with no problems. For me I call either Dave at Daves Offroad Supply or Wayne at Diffsonly.com for those parts for best prices and service in my experiences which is a handful in the rock crawler stuff. Seems their prices are generally better than the advertised web prices. Tell them Norby sent ya.
  7. Yes, you replace the ring and pinion gear, you can't mix and match those. As for the bearings its up to you if you feel they look worn once you remove them. A ring/pinion is generally around $200 a set, basic install with just shims is generally around $50 and full install with bearings over $100 per axle. Are you planning on doing this yourself or taking to a shop. Its not a hard job but can take some time, The 14 bolt rear is one of the easiest axles to setup gears in so that is a benefit if you plan on learning how. My 08 2500 has 4.10s and from the research I did while looking for a truck most say the 4.10s are definitely better if towing.

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