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  1. A low profile one I built for a 2015 at work. Brake light hole is framed in 100+ old square rebar I salvaged from some old structures we replaced on the irrigation project.
  2. I have never seen just the intake tube like the MIT for the 2500/3500 trucks with mechanical fans. They do sell a full intake kit with filter if you really want to change things.
  3. Trimming the bulbs was easy. Low beam is definitely better and still has the nice sharp cutoff. High beam is hard to say but would guess 10% better judging by some landmarks on my drive in the mornings but not night and day different but for the cost worth it.
  4. That was one nice thing about the ecodouche , the electric rear locker. I have contemplated on installing a 40 spline arb locker on my rock crawler and putting the 30 spline one into the tow rig.
  5. It's about 1 amp more combined so not really much. I installed them all this morning, will see how they help.
  6. mine and most all 4x4s make a little extra drivetrain noise in 4x4 at higher speeds. Most are hardly noticeable though. Is it just louder than normal or a worse noise than the typical drivetrain noise?
  7. Noise while it was making the shift or while diving? At all speeds? Slick or dry conditions?
  8. Bilstein 24253161 and Fox 983-50-005 specify they fit with 1-1.5" of lift
  9. I unbolted my shocks and jacked up truck and measured how much extension is needed for stock shocks is needed. When the UCA stopped on the service stop the shock was 1/2" away. For the DIY guy you will need a spacer with a 1/2" ID and 1/2" long and I would do a 1" OD.
  10. being as photobucket is trying to break the internet forums by not allowing photo embedding anymore you can install a plugin for you internet browser that is a work around for that. In your browser (chrome, firefox, edge, etc) go to setting and plugins and do a search for photobucket embed and install it then the linked photobucket photos should show again for now.
  11. get a photobucket embed plugin for your internet browser.
  12. @tha_lildude and @tundaman no mention of program these features on in the BCM was necessary I assume? Does this also allow you to move the fuse to change if the circuit is battery or ignition switched as mentioned in the upfitter bulletin? Thank you guys for your work on figuring this out.
  13. Do the rear yourself for sure. 14 bolts are so easy and a good differential if you want to start learning how to setup gears. I could give you a vendor I deal with for gears/drivetrain components for the rock crawler stuff if you would like, has always been the best price when I shop around.
  14. Doing some research and found swapping a H11 to a H9 bulb is a common upgrade with a very easy modification. I have found a few posts from NNBS guys swapping but nothing really on the K2XX HD trucks. I remember reading that the low beam/DRL is completely run through the BCM and no relay like the high beam. My concern might be using the 65w H9 in place of the 55W H11 bulb drawing more amps and potentially causing BCM trouble and maybe its a non issue. Anyone try some H9s in their 2015+ HD truck? On the same note I'm going to try the 9011s in place of the 9005 high beams but that seems pretty straight forward and simple.

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