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    2015 Silverado 2500hd CCSB 6.0 4x4 White
  1. I just did a tranny drop on my 2015 work truck. Just got the filter at napa. Was like $18 or so. If you really need the p/n I could look it up.
  2. If you do figure out what is causing it please share, would like to know for my own knowledge while lurking these threads. Have seen same symptom from bad fuel pressure regulator on the old GMT800 trucks but not really apples to apples.
  3. My 2015 2500 LT has the offroad page on my DIC. Just had to turn it on in the settings section.
  4. Apparently the 1500 trucks have 2 plugs for the airbag and the 2500/3500s have just 1 plug and are different clock springs. I see looking up part numbers there is a different part number for the steering wheel for the 1500 vs 2500/3500 for the same color/options (Silverado black w/heat w/o crash 1500= 84222909 / 2500= 84222916). Would that be because of different airbag? Would think the wheel itself would be same and just different bag and clock spring but want to make sure I get the correct one for my 2500 when looking on ebay for used wheels if the 1500 would work or not. Maybe the 1500 wheel has the space provisions for the 2 plugs?
  5. I've seen tricks on the Pop n Lock aftermarket lock to make work better, not sure if mechanism is the same on the factory style but might be worth investigating.
  6. Kinda the same thing I have found researching exhaust for the 6.0 on my rock buggy, unless you can fit long tubes just stick with the manifolds.
  7. I used the tonneau from my 08 on my 2015 and fit good. The 08 had a different clamp for the back to fit through the stake pocket whereas the 15 doesn't need that special clamp but it still works like normal.
  8. I would go the next step lower than equal road/rpm to make up for the extra weight of the larger tires too. Also 5.38 is the lowest available in a 10.5 14ff rear.
  9. I used the overhead beacon light switch for a led light bar on my old truck and hated reaching up to out every time they needed to be turned off. I am going to install a floor switch for the new truck.
  10. A low profile one I built for a 2015 at work. Brake light hole is framed in 100+ old square rebar I salvaged from some old structures we replaced on the irrigation project.
  11. I have never seen just the intake tube like the MIT for the 2500/3500 trucks with mechanical fans. They do sell a full intake kit with filter if you really want to change things.
  12. Trimming the bulbs was easy. Low beam is definitely better and still has the nice sharp cutoff. High beam is hard to say but would guess 10% better judging by some landmarks on my drive in the mornings but not night and day different but for the cost worth it.
  13. That was one nice thing about the ecodouche , the electric rear locker. I have contemplated on installing a 40 spline arb locker on my rock crawler and putting the 30 spline one into the tow rig.
  14. It's about 1 amp more combined so not really much. I installed them all this morning, will see how they help.

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