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  1. If I could start over again I may not have bought my 2014 and kept my 2002 and got the rust patched up and a repaint and drove it another 12 years! Love the power of the new 5.3 compared to my old one but damn I miss that truck. Never gave me a problem, 4 speed trans was smooth as silk and better front ground clearance for getting to my hunting spots.
  2. Anybody can get a lemon in any make of truck/car, it is what it is. All of these newer trucks are made as cheap as possible and sold at the highest price possible, that is how companies make money. I've mentioned this on here numerous times but my company buys 50 or so new trucks a year and we list our specs and bid it out and whatever dealership comes in the cheapest is what we get so this year it may be Fords, next year GM's, next year Toyota, etc. We beat the crap out of these trucks and trade them in at 100k miles or so which is usually an average of 4 years and we usually don't have any major problems out of any of them but you do get one or two a year that are trouble and in the dealership all the time. I just got rid of my 2012 F150 work truck that had 120k miles on it and didn't have any major troubles. We now have over 30 2014 GM half tons and those guys are doing fine with them except for the terrible front approach angle, we have had to put 2 inch spaces on the fronts of all of them just to get to the same places we used to with previous half ton trucks and our Dodges are the same. As far as half tons used for our kind of work it looks like my company may start getting 3/4 tons because all of these new 1/2 tons just are not made to go "off-road" like they once were.
  3. It is only worth that amount if they are willing to write you a check for your old truck for that amount (not trading it, just selling it to them). I highly doubt they would do that. As mentioned above, it is a shell game and they will not come off their new vehicle price much. When I buy a vehicle and am trading my old truck in I tell them to give me the total price for the new vehicle after accounting for trade in and fees but NOT TAXES and REGISTRATION. I usually tell them that I don't care and don't need to know the value of my truck or what fees they tack on because in the end it doesn't matter, I just need to know the final price so I can compare it with the dealership down the road.
  4. It's been a little over 3 years since I bought my truck but I got it for 23% or so off sticker (42k msrp and paid 32k not counting taxes) My buddy got his 16 LTZ for nearly the same percent off last year and another got his Ford this year for about 20% off. These trucks are way over priced and if you can not find a dealer to come down at least 15% off the price on a new one (that includes what ever crazy "doc" fees they charge) then you need to look else where. OP, you got a nice truck their but since you asked the question then NO, you did not get a good deal, you should've bought new. If you are having to borrow money to pay for the truck then your getting less of a good deal. I tried to buy used back in 2014 but couldn't get any dealer to sell me a 2-3 year old truck with less than 25k miles for less than $30k so spent a couple thousand more and bought new.
  5. Or just go back to the 4 speed ones, never had a problem out of my 2002 bu then again I don't have a problem out of my 6 speed in my 2014 either.
  6. When ever you change out factory items for aftermarket items like exhaust, level kit, intake, tune, etc. you are painting yourself into a corner when it comes to warranty work. The items you modified probably are not what is causing your problems but GM says they can and it is up to you to prove they don't which is pretty much a losing battle. If you mod under warranty then that is the chance you are taking plain and simple. My truck has always had a small vibration at slight throttle and it was magnified when I put on a dynomax exhaust that has the built in flapper. I promptly took it off and put the stock exhaust back on and problem went away. If I got burned by a lemon truck from GM then there is no way I would go back for seconds, I would be looking at a different manufacturer.
  7. I drive off road quite a bit for my job and need to have the seat belt off in some situations so I can hang my head out the window to see where to place my front tires. I currently have a F150 work truck and one of the neat things Ford does is give you the option of turning off the reminder dinging sound. You can also do it for the passenger side if you wish but for both the light still comes on for a few minutes to remind you. That is one option I wish GM would have put on our trucks.
  8. At the rate I drive my truck it will take me 15 years to hit 100K! The upside (or downside, according to how you look at it) of taking the company truck home, only drive on the weekends. I got rid of my 2002 at 12 years old and 125K miles (drove that truck more early on) and it was in great shape mechanically but the body was rusting off of the frame by the time I got rid of it. I just hope my 14 can fend off the rust better than my last one did. Just hit 21k over the weekend and truck has been fine over the last 3 years except for the crappy FM radio.
  9. Ford has been "piping" in the V8 rumble through a speaker for years now on their mustangs and maybe the trucks.
  10. I would love to have a set of AT tires on mine but I am too tight to get rid of my stockers and since I only drive 5k miles a year it will be a while! Got 20k on my stock good years but they are wearing fairly fast, down to 7/32 on them last time I checked. I had Cooper Discover's on my 2002 and really liked the look of them so I may go with them again when the time comes.
  11. I used to think waiting till right before the new model comes out was the best time to buy the current model but I have changed my mind on that. I have family and friends who have gotten the same 20% or so off their new chevy trucks at different times in the year as I got at the end of the model year. I have bought 3 new vehicles in the last 5 years and what I have found that each dealership is different on almost a daily basis on what they will let a vehicle go for. This week dealer A is better than dealers B and C but next week dealer B may come down the most. My Jeep was the toughest to find a good deal because they have no trouble selling those things but with the truck I got a huge swing between different dealers and even the same dealers over a 4 week period when I was shopping. I ended up getting my 2014 in September of 14 for 23% off MSRP but my buddy got the same deal on his 16 in March of 2016. He did his through the internet only, didn't set foot in a dealership except to sign the papers and drive off with his new truck so that may be the way I go next go around.
  12. I've got my truck, a jeep, and 2 motorcycles and they all get their oil changed at the same time once every year. I put less than 5k miles a year on all 4 so makes maintenance easier!
  13. I've been driving my like the OP for over 20 years now, between 4k and 6k miles a year on a truck. I have a company truck I drive during the week and am usually on 2 wheels when I can on the weekends. I have always done an annual oil change or at 5k miles, which ever comes first and this back when people still used regular old dino oil and never a problem. I rotate my tires every 10k miles which is usually once every 2 years and have always got 60K miles or more out of set.
  14. Oh no, not another OIL THREAD!
  15. Exactly, it is on the dealer dime to fix any problem, not GM's. You would also need that in writing, not the word of the salesman or shop manager.

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