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  1. when i got 20s on they were rubbing the mud flaps bad, after the level it wasnt as bad. I trimmed the inside corner piece of the mud flaps. that may not help you out but double check and make sure it isnt the mud flap
  2. hey that black honeycomb grille, you still have it? Ive been looking for one
  3. Dealer gave me a set along with the OEM. Theyve just been sitting in the garage for 2 years. Brand new in jet black for crew cab. Part #: 19302936 ($40 + shipping) Also have slightly used (cpl months) OEM front floor mats. Will clean these up if wanted. Used these until I got some huskys. Part #: 84039114 Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  4. New Garage/Mancave!

    Thats nice.. real nice Im jealous
  5. GM All Weather Floor Liners - Fronts (Brand New)

    I have the same set brand new front and back if anyonee is interested
  6. Thanks Baby mod was about a total of 10 month DIY No gains in HP tho sadly, added weight to the rear. But MPG had a nice increase due to travelling 5-10mph slower on the hwy
  7. This is how i have mine set up as well. Except on the passenger side of the mirror. I have it going thru the headliner down the pillar (to the dash for the gps, no 3M just resting) then down the weather stripping, under & through the dash to the cig lighter outlet. The camera itself is NOT mounted with 3M i didnt want that on my truck or windshield. They provided these clear sheets like phone screen protectors called static mounts and it just sticks to the windshield with no adhesive or residue. Has held up for a whole year thru 90°+ summers and sub zero winters.
  8. 10 days in on my new additions to the rear seat
  9. stick with the cigarette lighter
  10. Idk specific part number but gorilla brand is what discount tire sent with my wheels
  11. I want to swap wheels/tires with you

    Goodyear SR-A 265/65R18 https://imgur.com/a/6yeCp 59718
  12. I want to swap wheels/tires with you

    I got 18" z71 wheels and stock tires if you want
  13. Quise2024 Build - '15 Silverado 1500

    Just now seeing this. They are the oem ones that came with the truck.
  14. Who Is Running Goodyear Wrangled Duratrac Tires

    7k in, 1 rotation. No difference in noise and are great for me Tire shop keeps them around 40-42 psi

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