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  1. One of the reasons I love the 14-15 model year is that it's got a great retro-modern vibe to it. This paint job only makes it better. Love it.
  2. I plasti-dipped the honeycomb of my grille over a year ago. It still looks exactly like the pictures. See thread with before/after: Edit - I have no idea why there are multiple copies of each picture when you view the thread now.
  3. Maybe I'm just lucky with my truck, but I think V4 works great. I'm averaging 18-19 mpgs in mixed driving, and I never feel like AFM is getting in my way. I hardly ever notice it. That said, I'm deliberately very light-footed in my driving. Maybe that's the difference.
  4. Thinking about getting one if these in my 2014 LT. Anyone have experience or an opinion on them? There are a few different types. I feel like the ones that sit up on the dash would put the phone too far out of reach.
  5. The shipping from Daubert was absurd, so I just used the Rustoleum undercoating rubberized spray. Seems to be working great so far.
  6. Any chance there will be a recall to correct this issue? Or since it's not a safety thing are we all screwed? I don't have it yet, but from the sounds of it every 2014+ out there is a ticking time bomb.
  7. I call mine "Trucky" because I'm creative, and mature.
  8. Just last week I applied Rustoleum rubberized undercoating in spots where the frame wax had rubbed off. Only been a week but it seems to jive with the wax so far.
  9. I'm not convinced that gas is going to spike any time soon. The shale drillers have gelded OPEC. They can't manipulate prices the way they used to.
  10. I reset my trip B when I got my 2014 about a year and a half ago. I'm currently at 19.6 with a 5.3 after putting about 14k miles on.
  11. One of my tires has a slow drop in pressure. I think it's too slow to be an actual leak in the tire, but over the course of a few weeks the pressure steadily drops until I put more air in. Asked the dealership when I had it in last, they said they cleaned out the rim or something, but the problem persists. Has anyone else ever had this problem?
  12. Hey guys, sorry for the dumb question but could someone confirm which direction the air flows, and thus which way the filter should be oriented? I replaced mine last night, but aside from looking at the dirty side of the old filter I didn't see any clear indication of which way the air flows. And I wasn't paying that close attention when I removed the old one, so I'm not 100% sure I put the new one in the same way. Thanks!
  13. Looks like they're getting rid if the tiny screened radio in the WT models. About time....i get that it's the lowest trim but that tiny screen was just cheap on GM's part.
  14. Did you wire brush any of the rusty spots when doing touch ups, or did you just spray right over the rust?

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