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  1. Anyone notice an increase in road noise with the air dam removed?
  2. I just recently put on Trico Onyx blades. So far so good.
  3. I have a small plastic bin that I keep in that space. I sprayed the bottom of it with plasti dip to give it extra traction, although I don't think it does much. Velcro is probably a better idea, like the guy above mentioned.
  4. I'm in love with the black/silver, though the red/black is gorgeous too.
  5. I personally think the style looks best with the '14-'15 front end, because it did look so retro.
  6. Not sure how I feel about those headlights. Looks kinds of like the Fords, with that odd piece that comes in underneath.
  7. I think the 14-15 front end looks fine, but maybe a set of round headlights would give it a little differentiation.
  8. One of the reasons I love the 14-15 model year is that it's got a great retro-modern vibe to it. This paint job only makes it better. Love it.
  9. I plasti-dipped the honeycomb of my grille over a year ago. It still looks exactly like the pictures. See thread with before/after: Edit - I have no idea why there are multiple copies of each picture when you view the thread now.
  10. Maybe I'm just lucky with my truck, but I think V4 works great. I'm averaging 18-19 mpgs in mixed driving, and I never feel like AFM is getting in my way. I hardly ever notice it. That said, I'm deliberately very light-footed in my driving. Maybe that's the difference.
  11. Thinking about getting one if these in my 2014 LT. Anyone have experience or an opinion on them? There are a few different types. I feel like the ones that sit up on the dash would put the phone too far out of reach.
  12. The shipping from Daubert was absurd, so I just used the Rustoleum undercoating rubberized spray. Seems to be working great so far.
  13. Any chance there will be a recall to correct this issue? Or since it's not a safety thing are we all screwed? I don't have it yet, but from the sounds of it every 2014+ out there is a ticking time bomb.
  14. I call mine "Trucky" because I'm creative, and mature.

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