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  1. Not sure if you can retrieve original "window sticker", but check with GM customer service on here. Have your VIN number handy, and see what they can do. Might check with the dealer to see if they might have a way to retrieve it also.
  2. Try using the Auto feature on the climate control. The AC might be able to dry the air more and get rid of the moisture.
  3. Not what you want to hear, but try a locksmith to either open the pop lock, or try to get the cover open. Probably a $100.00 or so to get you in.
  4. Original battery? If so, I would suggest having it replaced, when they go bad all kinds of electrical issues will show up.
  5. You make a good point, no questions asked, nothing for the A-Holes to respond too. Just a silent forum with no subject matter.
  6. I agree, loose the cowl,stinger hood and it is a good looking truck!
  7. Did you full synthetic of syn-blend for the butter? If so, who made it?
  8. So, who makes the AC Delco/GM oil that is used at dealerships? They have switched to the full synthetic at the dealer I use for service.
  9. So, who makes the AC Delco full synthetic that the dealers are using now? Do you think it is an inferior oil too?
  10. That looks sharp, surprised it is not part of a factory package. Really brings out the details in the grill.
  11. It is just an image on the screen, does not function. Did not move on my 14 or the 16 I have now.
  12. Pretty sure he is getting feedback, some positive, some negative, whole point of the forum. Every post is a story.
  13. Remember, yelling is fun, no matter what anyone says. Plus, that would be a valuable life lesson for the 10 year olds.
  14. Completely agree, way too much trailer, especially if that is just the dry weight for your poor truck. Tail wagging the dog syndrome will happen with any side winds, or hard braking.

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