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  1. Did you full synthetic of syn-blend for the butter? If so, who made it?
  2. So, who makes the AC Delco/GM oil that is used at dealerships? They have switched to the full synthetic at the dealer I use for service.
  3. So, who makes the AC Delco full synthetic that the dealers are using now? Do you think it is an inferior oil too?
  4. That looks sharp, surprised it is not part of a factory package. Really brings out the details in the grill.
  5. It is just an image on the screen, does not function. Did not move on my 14 or the 16 I have now.
  6. Pretty sure he is getting feedback, some positive, some negative, whole point of the forum. Every post is a story.
  7. Remember, yelling is fun, no matter what anyone says. Plus, that would be a valuable life lesson for the 10 year olds.
  8. Completely agree, way too much trailer, especially if that is just the dry weight for your poor truck. Tail wagging the dog syndrome will happen with any side winds, or hard braking.
  9. That may be true, but he is still entitled to his rant. When we are making his payments we can decide how he feels.
  10. His time, his money, his truck, his feelings, right or wrong. You have your views on this, which I agree with most, but the OP, myself and others feel differently. No dealership will ever have 100 percent satisfaction, nature of the beast in the "media age" we live in. My biggest issue is the salesman begging for the CSI when he knows the customer is upset, I have had the other stuff happen too, usually go off the deep end on the department involved, fully realizing that everyone there and their mom are calling me the biggest Ahole alive after I leave. Nature of modern business, I guess.
  11. So, what you are saying is that you would buy from this dealership and be fine with whatever they did without you knowing. Perceptions vary, what you see in the video is different that some, already established on this open forum, think that point is now dead.
  12. Yes, that was the whole point I was trying to make. Worn radio knob. Dealership is 100 percent in the right, customer always wrong. Just settle, seems to be the new American way, just easier to roll over and piss yourself, rather than stand up for what you think is right, no matter what others views are.
  13. I agree with you that the OP should haven taken a few seconds to check out the truck on the lot, but if the salesman had done his job, most of the issues would have not been there. Dealerships are set up much like a assembly line, they make no more money off of you once you have signed, so the quicker you leave the quicker they can sell another one. I personally think the delivery is a great indication of how the lot represents itself, and how you will be treated in the future. In this case dirty truck, problems, and now how the OP is being treated. The biggest problem is most lots don't treat your vehicle like it is yours, but theirs, so you should just settle because it is how they would treat their own car I understand these trucks are daily drivers and get beat up along the way, but since the OP is making the payments, he should be doing the daily damage.
  14. The wax and water spots are an issue. Part of the new vehicle delivery/experience is the truck be clean. People are paid on the lot to ensure this. Dirty truck delivered and then a salesman begging for a perfect score for him after knowing there are problems crosses a lot of lines for a consumer. Sending back a non perfect CSI card goes directly to the owners desk with a question from GM why/how did this happen. In this case you are right in both parties going their separate ways, unhappy customer and a dealership expecting someone to settle for their business practices.

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