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  1. According to the "Technical CSR" I've been emailing about these for the last few months, the current status is "They are due in anytime now, waiting on spring coating."
  2. Here you go! I was the one that started it, it had some traction early and then died out. Form to add your info is here Data is here
  3. It's just a way to get you in to the dealership to look at something new.
  4. Just got an email back from Bilstein saying the 6112s will net 1.85" of lift. Folks are getting more than that from 5100s, right?
  5. Considering these are bigger than a 285/65/20, and everyone says those rub, I just don't see how it's feasible without some rub.
  6. In for details. I am seriously considering just picking up a set of 275/60 KOs and throwing them on without a leveling kit.
  7. Yikes, that's certainly more than a small nick, I'd have been upset too. That said, the way you handled it is probably a huge reason why they handled things the way they did. Unfortunately, too many people out there these days think that yelling and screaming is the way to get your way. Kudos to all involved for handling this like adults.
  8. Went to Lowes, had them cut it to length, and tossed it in the slots. Under $5 and 5 minutes. I want to say it was 62 or 64 inches, can check if you need me to.
  9. PSA: Lots of people on Ebay are advertising that the OEM Black emblems with GM Part Number 23303572 will fit a 2017 Silverado. That isn't the case. Tried to swap mine out today, and my stock gold emblem is just a touch smaller which makes it so the mounting clips don't line up.
  10. Tried to swap out my emblems for OEM Black, but the set I ordered from ebay didn't fit. The seller listed that they fit 16-17 models, but apparently they are a bit different as the emblem I received did not line up and was a touch bigger (GM PN 23303572). Since I already had my stock gold emblem off of the truck I figured I'd go ahead and cover it with the carbon fiber vinyl overlay I ordered via this site a few weeks ago. The fit isn't perfect, but I'd chalk it up to user error.
  11. RHStansbury

  12. True, but I'll probably just stick with the black. The cool factor of the CF set that I bought was that they were actually carbon fiber and not a wrap or plastic. Oh well, back to Amazon they go.

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