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  1. Husky Liner makes these too. Nice truck OP.
  2. I haven't decided yet, but a youtuber I watch is sponsored by Ranch Hand - i'd probably buy theirs if I add one. Like you said, HDAF! Thought about entering the giveaway. Youtuber is Big Truck Big RV.
  3. I'm intrigued. I'll be looking up the vids. What level truck do you have? My LT would probably be an easy mod, but I'm curious as to what you own. Do you also have a ball-park total cost?
  4. Apologies - I wasn't thinking of a cap when OP said "topper". A tonneau cover is probably forgiving enough to work. I would agree that a cap is likely not going to work well.
  5. Frame is essentially the same, as are cab sub-structure (The same step bars on my 2015 1500 fit on my friend's 2013). I would think the topper from a 2007-13 would fit. Hit Auto Anything and look up a couple - part numbers will be the same for different years if they fit.
  6. We had an aftermarket on our Trailblazer. Only input I would say is stay away from CompuStar. Viper is decent, but the CompuStar got stupid after 7 or 8 years. A friend also has the CompuStar, and same issue - car acts up because of remote starter.
  7. Part is "upper intermediate steering shaft" - PN 23381952. I mainly felt it on floor board, but I did sort of notice it in steering wheel. Seemed better after pickup, but I haven't hit the one ramp where it was very noticable yet. If you're under warranty, by all means ask them to check it out!
  8. ** UPDATE ** Took truck in for oil change and explained rattle. Middle steering shaft link was replaced under warranty. We all hate the "stealership", but for those in NE Ohio - Marhofer GMC has been awesome for many years.
  9. X2 to above. I don't have a plow, but sounds like power for plow lights is pulled from parking light circuit. Only my park lights come on with remote start.
  10. That's unfortunate and I'm with you on lack of QC on pretty much anything anymore. As far as not spotting issue, I can't say much. I bought my 2015 2500 used in November. I was so busy looking at bed condition (tailgate down) and inside/underneath for abuse, I didn't notice damaged rear bumper. My wife asked me about it - so I looked, and there she is - a dent from a tree or parking lot mishap. Not real bad, but I never saw it when looking at dealership - too worried about bigger issues I guess!
  11. I don't want to fuel a fire, but I'm curious as to HOW the dealer was approached about the issues. I'm not downplaying issues, but I'm sure carrying on aggressively about "needing it fixed NOW and you bent me over on my trade...yada yada" will get you very sub-par customer service. Your initial approach and demeanor has EVERYTHING to do with the care you'll get. Hopefully this wasn't your first approach, but if it resorts to this it won't really help. Maybe I'm also just lucky - no issues my previous Sierra, and the 2015 Silvy 2500 I recently bought with 30k seems to perform almost flawlessly. I did notice an occasional front end rattle, which is being investigated next week. I think it may be normal (never had a HD before), but checking it out since under warranty. At any rate, a calm approach and hopefully you can get it taken care of.
  12. And now I know...I had to check out the trims on Chevy 1500's. Thanks!
  13. The Z71 was never a trim level. You a Ford guy? My Sierra was an SLE with the Z71 "package". My Silverado is an LT with the Z71 "package". Ford USED to have the FX4 trim level. This is now a "package" that appears to be Ford's version of the Z71.
  14. Your flaps look more like the universal kind. Big's are factory, but similar to the Weathertech's. I had front Weathertech on my Sierra. Plan is to get front and rear for the Silvy. You can get both from Advanced Auto website for about $60 using promo codes. They are as good as advertised!

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