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  1. We have same. 34' TT. The 1500 doesn't let me down with capabilities, but come May, a 2500 will replace it.
  2. I have a 34ft. travel trailer that is probably 8200# loaded (6858# dry weight). My Sierra pulls it well, but it is heavy for the truck. Bounces alot. I'll most likely go 2500 when my lease is up next year. Get the Equalizer 4-point hitch - will make all the difference with sway, etc. It is a $600 hitch, but you won't regret the purchase. I've pulled ours a few times locally and it is decent. I am hesitant to take a long trip without either modifying the truck (Roadmaster Active, bags, something) to minimize rear bounce or upgrading to a 2500. Since my lease is up in May, I'm not sinking anything into this truck.
  3. I pull a 34' TT with a dry weight of 6858#. Ballparking around 8200# loaded. Same setup (5.3L/3.42). The truck handles trailer very well. My only complaint is the bounce. My tongue weight is pretty heavy, so I would guess I'm over payload and the soft GM suspension just doesn't cut it. We've done a few local trips, and it's great. I've considered adding Roadmaster suspension or something else, but my lease is up next year. I'm mainly looking into a 2500, or (gasp!) an F150 with HD tow package. Doubtful I'll do another 1/2 ton GM.
  4. I don't want mine to be excessively loud. Radio on, you hardly notice. I want to hear it though. There is something special about the roar of a V8 under acceleration. I could barely tell it was running before muffler delete. I don't knock anyone - whatever their cup of tea. My only complaint is when my ears hurt because of someone's excessively loud bass. C'mon folks...there is a point...
  5. Easy folks. TBH, the search engine on this site sometimes leaves a bit much to be desired. When everyone who ever posts stops repeating themselves, we can start b****hing. Congrats. I did muffler delete. Sure, the Borla and ATAK are nice, but I only spent $60. Sounds awesome. I've had others say it sounds great. Only complaint from me is V4 mode on highway. I'd like to eliminate that mode anyway.
  6. My guess is part of the higher lease payment is the higher truck cost. We leased for $428/mo. on a double cab. Love the truck. May buy it, may get another, may get a 2500. I figured it out - and it costs more to buy the lease out then if I just bought it, but the cost impact is minimal (maybe $2000) and if there is serious issue or I just want a different one, I can walk away after 3 years. I have a year left to decide
  7. I'll add to the LOVE the tow mirrors - even when NOT towing! If payload, not towing, is issue then the above 2500 notes are definitely what you want. And while visibility sucks, you can get a 2500 without the jogger-smackers.
  8. I average 15-16 winter / 19 summer MPG with 5.3L / 3.42. Tows our 8000# camper well. Suspension is a bit soft for such a heavy trailer, but otherwise no worries.
  9. Professional Grade baby - of course we have higher expectations! I have to jump on the sales ratio bandwagon. Most of the 1500's are family wagons anymore, not trucks, and I can find 10x the variety in a 1500 when window shopping versus a 2500. My 1500 has been great for almost 15,000 miles. Not high mileage I know, but no worries none the less.
  10. This baby is a classic. Always loved the tri-axle Airstreams. Nice rides both of you and congrats. Update all of us on how she handles the silver bullet!
  11. I think any brand has it's issues, though Dodge (Ram, whatever) is the bottom pick for me. We crawled in them at the auto show. Hyundai lease was up, and wifey got a 2017 Acadia. Our Hyundai Sonata was an awesome car, especially for an MSRP of $22K. The Santa Fe was nice, but not GM nice. The only SUV we liked as much was a Honda Pilot, but $48K was too much (Acadia SLE-2 w/ moonroof was $34K). We still honestly miss our '05 Trailblazer EXT, but the Acadia is incredible. I mainly miss the "truck based" ride/design of the Trailblazer. I made it a point to look at Ford closely - 150 and 250. Buddy has 2013 Egoboost and it is NICE, but the GM's just feel like "home" to me. Maybe because I own one, but even the Chevy W/T was comfy and nice to me. The F250 was big and beautiful, but I just felt more comfortable in the Sierra HD. My lease is up next year. I may buy this one, still considering a 2500HD, and pondering another 1500 with max tow added. I can say with 95% certainty, it will be GMC or Chevy for sure (more likely GMC).
  12. This is my cup of tea. The lowered looks great, but this is just right to me!
  13. Nice. I like the black rims on white truck.
  14. True on the tests - like any of us would seriously drive that with the pedal on the floor-board. They can definitely be annoying.

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