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  1. Quit bickering. Unrelated to topic and you're starting to look like the F150 forums... If you tune your truck, and dealer catches it on a warranty claim, it's your problem. If you want to take the risk, up to you. If not, then don't. Who cares what stats say. Up to each of us to decide what we do with our own trucks. As far as OP - my 1500 would scream from time to time when towing - grade braking especially! We have a 34' travel trailer. Pulled well, but trailer was right at limits for truck. I "upgraded" to the 2500 because I expect it will pull much better. Gasser is all I needed. No...I likely won't be tuning it...
  2. You can feel it a little. While looking underneath today, I wondered if the torsion bars "Rattle" under certain, rough road suspension articulation. Yes, 4WD. I'll have to look at shock mounts a little closer, too. Thanks!
  3. Stupid question for those used to torsion bar suspensions... I bought used HD with 30k miles on it. Drives great. I've noticed a "rattle" over certain road conditions. Sounds/feels like front end is loose. I've never had a 2500 before, and because truck drives very well, I'm assuming it's normal from road conditions. Any input? I'll be due for oil change soon, so may have it looked at as I do still have factory warranty. I'd just like to know if I'm overthinking it. Thanks!
  4. I bought a gas 2500 with these already installed. I like the full length and the bed step, but after having Raptor OE style on my 1500, I'm not a fan. Great for getting in. I think I'll hurt myself soon getting out as step is too far forward. Lund makes a wheel-to-wheel similar to the Raptors, so that may be a not-so-distant purchase.
  5. Ended the 1500 run today. Got a good deal on a 2015 8-lug.
  6. If you're asking me - yes. I have a 1500 with tons of goodies. Upgrading to a 2500 with less goodies, but still like the SLE trim. Love the pics everyone!
  7. Can I ask best time? Lease is up next year, and looking to upgrade in April. Any thoughts?
  8. I'm intrigued... I want an SLE with a tow package, preferred equipment group, Bose, and carpet delete. Leather would be nice, but not sure I want to spend the $$. Love your color. I think your pic made me decide on Blue vs. Red!
  9. Pick one: https://www.equalizerhitch.com/store/specialty-adjustable-shanks
  10. We have same. 34' TT. The 1500 doesn't let me down with capabilities, but come May, a 2500 will replace it.
  11. I have a 34ft. travel trailer that is probably 8200# loaded (6858# dry weight). My Sierra pulls it well, but it is heavy for the truck. Bounces alot. I'll most likely go 2500 when my lease is up next year. Get the Equalizer 4-point hitch - will make all the difference with sway, etc. It is a $600 hitch, but you won't regret the purchase. I've pulled ours a few times locally and it is decent. I am hesitant to take a long trip without either modifying the truck (Roadmaster Active, bags, something) to minimize rear bounce or upgrading to a 2500. Since my lease is up in May, I'm not sinking anything into this truck.
  12. I pull a 34' TT with a dry weight of 6858#. Ballparking around 8200# loaded. Same setup (5.3L/3.42). The truck handles trailer very well. My only complaint is the bounce. My tongue weight is pretty heavy, so I would guess I'm over payload and the soft GM suspension just doesn't cut it. We've done a few local trips, and it's great. I've considered adding Roadmaster suspension or something else, but my lease is up next year. I'm mainly looking into a 2500, or (gasp!) an F150 with HD tow package. Doubtful I'll do another 1/2 ton GM.
  13. I don't want mine to be excessively loud. Radio on, you hardly notice. I want to hear it though. There is something special about the roar of a V8 under acceleration. I could barely tell it was running before muffler delete. I don't knock anyone - whatever their cup of tea. My only complaint is when my ears hurt because of someone's excessively loud bass. C'mon folks...there is a point...
  14. Easy folks. TBH, the search engine on this site sometimes leaves a bit much to be desired. When everyone who ever posts stops repeating themselves, we can start b****hing. Congrats. I did muffler delete. Sure, the Borla and ATAK are nice, but I only spent $60. Sounds awesome. I've had others say it sounds great. Only complaint from me is V4 mode on highway. I'd like to eliminate that mode anyway.

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