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  1. Chrome all colors except white, then the color match looks good.
  2. Mine definitely runs better on 89. I have tried 93 and can't really feel much difference between 93 and 87.
  3. Thanks for the information here. I have 53000 on mine and was having noticed very rough idle while sitting at stop lights lately. Time to get some cleaner.
  4. Beautiful Truck! No use looking back. Enjoy Two years later I still love my truck every time I get in it
  5. I don't have a subscription for the weather app but it does start working when there is an alert for tornado, flood, ect. DIC starts flashing warnings as well. Very useful and can be adjusted in the settings for which alerts you want or don't want.
  6. I don't have the painted front bumper but I do have chips in other places. On this blue truck the chip marks are white and really noticeable. I just ordered the Dr Colorchip chip repair and it did an amazing job at hiding them. Unless you are within a few feet and know where to look you will never see them. Very easy to use and you can see their videos on their website.
  7. Dealer replaced mine under warranty even though it was a wear item. Said they would only replace it once though. The second cover hasn't had any problems
  8. 40,000 miles on mine. No problems. I never notice it. I did find that my 5.3 runs better on 89 octane. Doesn't like 93 though
  9. Still love my truck after a year and a half. 35,000 miles and no issues other than a few cosmetic which were taken care of by my dealer. Still get comments all the time on what a good looking truck this is. Just yesterday at the gas pump the guy in front of me had to stop and comment on it.
  10. Love that color. I don't think a week goes by that I don't get a compliment from someone on my truck
  11. I need to do that. I have been rear ended twice by idiots on cell phones. My trailer hitch has saved me from any damage but that looks like it would work a lot better.
  12. Love the Michelins. That's all I ran on my 01 Sierra and that's what will go on this truck when its time.
  13. I use the Zaino clear seal and all in one wax. Has worked great for me.

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