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  1. I'm only 2wd so I'm thinking of doing a 3" lift spindle and then backing the kings all the way down and I'll have 5" of lift and I could fit a 35-36" tire
  2. Interesting, I went down 6 threads on mine. Mine ride really firm and I can feel them top out if I backout of my driveway straight.
  3. How do you like the kings? How far down is your collar to get 3" of lift?
  4. Yeah, they actually say 34"X11" on the side wall of the tire, not sure of the actual width
  5. You can see my new tailgate emblem in this one Murica'
  6. Method mesh 17x8.5 0 with 34x11" Nitto trail grapplers 3" of lift with kings and slight rubbing but nothing that requires cutting
  7. AOW tax stamp

    Does anyone have an AOW (any other weapon) tax stamp? I recently found out you can get a pistol grip shotgun with a 8" barrel by getting a $5 AOW tax stamp How much of a pain in the ass is it to get the stamp?
  8. I just found a couple threads with pages of guys complaining about the same thing with stock leaf springs. They claim that it's the leafs moving on one another. If that's all this is then I guess I'll have to deal with it -__-
  9. I've thought about it possibly being the driveshaft because of the new angle but from what I know about bad driveshaft angles I thought you get vibrations on the highway from it and I thought the clunking sound would come when you get it throttle, not when you go over a bump. I'm out of town now but I'll look at my angles when I get home and see how bad they are
  10. This is what I thought at first so I jack up the back of the truck from the hitch and I had over 3" of up travel in the shocks so I ruled that out, but unbolting them doesn't take long and I want to try it and see what happens
  11. Interesting. I had a 98 Tacoma before this and had it lifted and it would make the same clunking sound for 2 years and I could never find the noise. It ended up being one of the reasons I sold the truck
  12. That's doesn't sound like it would be the issue then, I did nothing with the axles other then swap wheels and tires.
  13. I had vibration at 72-78 mph and it got better when I rotated tires the first time and then got worse when I did it the next time, meaning that one of the tires was out of balance and unnoticed it more when that wheel was on the front. 17s and 34s
  14. I had 20s that came with the elevation package and I swapped to 17s wrapped in 34s and I have zero vibration.
  15. Not gonna lie that's not an answer I was expecting. Why would lifting the truck do that to the axles

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