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  1. Just tried routing the power from the trailer reverse power to the camera. No dice... To repeat, 2WT, upgraded to 2017 I05 and flashed for camera.
  2. Definitely not going to disagree. All I know is that I don't suffer from the same rub problem for whatever reason.
  3. Group-Buy: Ecoological Bumpershellz Expires 3/8/18!

    If only I could buy them pre-painted in blue topaz metallic... Not really feeling like buying and having them painted.
  4. Kind of late to the party... But... One of my coworkers has a '15 High Country with 285/55/20 Nitto Terra Grappler G2s on the stock High Country Wheels. He has the 2.25" Rough Country level I believe. He gets a rub on the sway bar at full lock and near-full lock turning, but not on the UCA. Steel control arms. On my truck, I opted to use Bilstein 5100 series shocks and that doesn't seem to have some of the geometry issues of the "spacer and bracket"-type leveling.
  5. Hey! As the title states, I have a standard/regular cab 2014 Silverado. I'm looking for a set of new or near new chrome door handles, Key on one or both sides, I guess it doesn't really matter. Would also consider buying a full set of 4 if the price was right, though I only need the two. Thanks for any offers!
  6. New Morimoto xc led fogs (Silverado)

    My father has recently burned out his stock fog lights and is wanting to swap to these. Are they still available?
  7. Did not get to attempt this weekend. After a wash and was, I discovered that the paint on my tailgate is bubbling... very irritated. Hoping the dealer will take care of it since it's still under th3 paint/finish warranty. I decided to wait until after that's resolved to swap it out and try again...
  8. New Morimoto xc led fogs (Silverado)

    No worries, Keagan. I've actually gone a different route in the meantime so I am not currently needing the set. Thank you for being courteous though!
  9. New Morimoto xc led fogs (Silverado)

    I sent an email as well, within 10 minutes of the post. I got one email response and then nothing... very frustrating. Certainly doesn't make me want to order from them.
  10. Selling: Brand New LED Bulbs

  11. Just to update, I followed the harness up to the cab and HMI. It looks like all I need is the power source now... Hoping to tackle it this weekend and see what happens.
  12. WTS: k&n intake and flowmaster exhaust

    Is it actually stainless, despite the discoloration/rust? Serious question, not meaning it badly.

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