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  1. No factory HID truck same ground. I will try to get him over this week and swap the headlights around and see if I can rule out the wiring. Hopefully he can find where they came from and get a replacement if so.
  2. I didnt see a capacitor on the harness but that doesnt mean anything as it was almost dark. Even then it should come while the truck is off. I even tried two of mine with same results.
  3. The low beam works if I hook a power and ground from the battery to the pins on the harness or adapter.
  4. Well I cant connect the headlight with no harness because of the plug differences but yes thats correct. On the OEM fat plug I get power on the low beam, Add either my adapter or his harness and I get power on the low beam on the newstyle plug.
  5. He's supposed to find out where the lights/harness came from then check with whoever. I'm not certain who's it is to be honest.
  6. Yep. All the way to the light. I jumped both the light and the existing harness. Main truck harness is getting power at the factory plug as well. Low beams will not power on though even though it gets power. Pass side works fine.
  7. Anyone had low beam issues with the light not coming on? Local guy got in touch with me yesterday after buying a 2015 2500 denali that already had the swap done. It looks like a gen5 or plain&simple harness not sure. The drivers side low beam will not power on with that harness or my adapter however the bright light will. I took the light and ran a jumper to the battery and the low beam will power on like that. Everything but low beam works so I'm scratching my head. Using a test light its getting power all the way to the light so it has to be in the light itself. I ran out of daylight so I didn't get to swap sides to see if I could rule out the light.
  8. Yep. you're good. According to GMPartsGiant, 23506752 Replaced with 84046788 23506753 Replaced with 84046789
  9. I did. Usually grade A/Insurance grade parts mean they are in great shape and can be used as parts on other vehicles with insurance claims.
  10. I've looked at various project boxes. Problem is the $$ adds up when two per set is needed. May try this week to make a mold and buy some potting compound and see if thats more economical.
  11. Got the DRL off mods soldered up and tested. Trying to figure out a waterproof enclosure to put them in. They are little less than 1-1/2"x1-1/2". Any suggestions?
  12. Replied this morning. I try and check here a couple times a day but once I'm off work at 4 very seldom do I check until the next day for anyone that PMs me. Thanks!
  13. All PM's and texts replied to. Relays arriving today for the DRL mod so hopefully start soldering those up this weekend. Headlights for anyone looking. Probably get a deal with best offer http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sierra-2016-Oem-Head-Lamps-Pair-/272801131465?hash=item3f8436ebc9:g:iIgAAOSwo4pYCpEN
  14. Well dealership wanted $115 just to scan the truck. The service guy told me since its working at the moment there was no point in scanning as it wouldnt find nothing. I found that hard to believe but it is what it is. I didnt pay the $$ and the AC is still working on both sides at 49*.

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