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  1. No rubbing at all, if I'm not mistaken I think 285= 32.8
  2. Thanks, just a 3" maxtracs level, fuel wheels 18x9, nitto trial grapplers 285/65/18.
  3. I do multiple snowboarding trips with my boys now that they’re getting older, so YES 4x4 isn’t a must.....
  4. Traded in my 2015 Silverado 2WD for this 2017 Z71 4x4, went with the Graphite color. I couldn't pass on the deal I got. Plus the dealer let me keep my wheels and tires off my 2015. Just got it levelled.
  5. Check out Pedal Commander. I just talked to a local shop about it, they said there is zero lag time. Plus it comes with multiple settings.
  6. I was going to remove it but decided to trim it. I really like the look of it trimmed vs removed.
  7. Here's mine. It's nice not having any blind spots.
  8. Here's mine, not all black but gunmetal with a black lip
  9. Fuel Trophy-D552 18x9 Nitto trail grapplers 285/65/18

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