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  1. LOL I apologise, I could not resist. I was just kidding..
  2. That is the GM-T5 plug. How long has not been hooked up? Have you smelled burnt wiring or anything? Seen any smoke?
  3. Orange peel is one thing, this is totally different. It sure didn't look like this when I took it to them. There is an acceptable orange peel gage that every auto maker uses.
  4. They sprayed the ceramic on, I think that is where all this came from. There is no signs of it running down like rain would've. We'll see...
  5. Don't let the light fool you, as you move the sun across the window or paint, you can see all of what looks like water spots over the entire truck. I think it came from spraying the truck, and our driving it in the rain to soon, I'm no expert,bff that is why I contacted ones who have proven themselves, and have shown proof Very publicly...
  6. I do hope your truck works out, but I was on the phone with Shane long before I seen this here. I seen the video first with Troy, take a look at his video about your truck, you'll see my reply. Unfortunately, my truck is worse than yours. I know it's no contest I would want to win, but, they will need to strip the entire truck from bumper to bumper, roof to running boards, before they can do anything else. All the while, hoping my clear coat doesn't get burnt through, yet again. It's going to be a very expensive endeavour. It's been mouths of dropping off my truck, driving some pos rental for days on end. If I end up taking my truck to Shane and Troy, they could make more videos on what NOT to do, and what it will take to fix it. Here's a quick pic, the entire truck looks like this...
  7. Paint Protection Clear Wrap from windshield forward Ceramic on entire truck (windows, mirrors, painted surfaces, plastic surfaces, including rims inside and out, and exhaust tips)
  8. Yes, I 'm the one from Michigan, just got done texting with Shane. I spoke with Troy and Shane both today on the phone at separate times, sent pic's to both as well. I'd like to take the truck to them, don't know of any other reputable shops near me to turn to. I can't believe this is even happening to my truck. Not sure how it will end up with the current shop I am dealing with....
  9. I just called the detail lab today about my truck...
  10. So, I looked through the owners manual, called Onstar, no luck in either place. How do I delete any favorites on the favorites channel bar?
  11. Please keep us/me up to date, very interested...
  12. Interested in this, does this only work with existing DVD players, or can you make a non DVD player head unit play DVD's. If so, do you just hook up a video cable as if it was a camera?
  13. More pics with different angles of the flares please.

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