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  1. This right here ^^ Exactly why im scared to buy a new one. I only have 6 a mile drive to work. No way would i meet the "regen" time just going that far and back 4 days a week. These trucks should be just as reliable as a gas one for the crazy amount of money they charge. How about a 10 year 200k power train and emissions warranty. You know.... actually stand behind that price tag. Id buy one then. But i know that will never happen. So the torque and power numbers look awesome, and im sure it can pull the house off the foundation but GM doesnt have these new ones where they need to be as far as reliability. Neither does Ford for that matter. I want the reliability of a 2006 duramax with the new power numbers. I guess thats way too much to ask.
  2. I would love to trade up to a diesel to pull my camper with but im just too scared of the long term reliability thing. Seems every diesel put out since 2008 has had big time issues with the def and emissions junk. The best ones to get for longevity seem to be the 2006-2007 duramax. Why cant they get that kind of long term reliability out of these new ones ? I dont want to have to buy a brand new truck and then have to "delete" all kinds of stuff just so its reliable. Shouldnt be that way. Should be reliable right off the lot.
  3. In my neck of the woods it seems i see quite a few regular cab LT shortbeds. But hardly any regular cab LT's with the 8ft bed. To me thats always been the best looking truck body configuration. 8ft bed regulr cab.
  4. Would love to see a new gas big block option for the HD line. Updated 8.1 would be awesome but i doubt it"ll ever happen with all the new overreaching regulations. Such a shame too. I was all set to trade my 15 half ton in for a 2500HD 6.0. But after driving it several times, it just felt too under powered for the extra added weight. It almost felt like it had way too much torque management holding it back. Maybe a tune would wake up the beast within,but I dont know. Decided to just hold off and wait to see what gas engines are offered in the future.
  5. I agree completely. I had "22 wheels in my wife's Tahoe. Rode like crap. Put the 17's back on it and night and day difference. Large wheels are all about show. No comfort. I wouldn't personally want anything larger than 20's
  6. Update: 2 weeks of searching and searching for this friggin leak. Its definetly NOT the heater core. But i already knew that in the first place. This is straight water and it only happens when it rains. Ive pulled all the carpet and seats out to dry everything off. Ive pulled the cowl plate and dumped water everywhere imaginable. Ive leak tested the windshield using air and soapy water. No leak. The water drains into the cowl and out the drain just as it should. But yet everytime it rains i have a puddle on the bare metal floorboard. I can spray the entire truck down and no leak. But somehow when it rains it finds a way in. Im baffled. I really really dont want to have to pull the dash and heater core out just to search for a leak but i may have to.
  7. Just picked up a super clean and original 94 c1500. Rained all day today and yesterday. After the rain I noticed my carpet on the passenger side down by the kick panel and sill plate is soaked. It appears the water is coming down the firewall and going UNDER the carpet. Then is making its way down to the low spot by the door. Just wanted to see if anyone else has this issue and where is a likely culprit. I'm gonna pull the cowl grate off and see what I see. But if anyone knows of a specific thing to look for that would be great. Maybe a clogged drain or such.
  8. If the plan cost wasn't prohibitively overpriced I would at least get the basic plan. But for what you get it isn't worth it to me. Same thing with the xm/Sirius. I've got too many other choices for music( Pandora, Amazon prime music, my own via usb drive, plus the regular old radio)
  9. Um yes this a real question. And thank you for your reply and all the others too. I mainly just wanted to see how often others do it more than I'm concerned about hurting anything. But with these new engines being a different design than previous models. (DI engines) i was curious whether it's more hard on the engines now or the same as before.
  10. Wow. That is one sweet looking truck !! I'm thinking about a leveling kit for mine. I like the stance.
  11. That's pretty much the only time I do it is when someone is pissing me off in traffic. Had to do it again tonight and so it made me wonder. Ha ha
  12. Great looking truck bertiman. I like that color with those wheels. I agree about the premium gas. I noticed a difference in mine when I switched. Congrats on the purchase.
  13. Just wondering how bad it is for Ecotec engines to go WOT now and again ? How often do you guys punch it and wind it up a bit ?
  14. Yes I understand to not use Auto mode if I dont want want Auto. Obviously. The problem is its going to Auto mode BY ITSELF. It only happens when first turning the fan on after the system is completely off and it only happens SOME of the time. Also why cant i push the auto button again to turn it off ? Once the AUTO light is lit you have to turn the fan down or up and manually adjust the temp to get it back off of AUTO. I cant just push the AUTO button to turn it off. It wont let me. I swear this truck has a mind of its own and pretty much tries to think for you.

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