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  1. Looks good! I'm still debating on a set of 1.25" ones for my truck or aftermarket rims, I kind of like how the stockers look poking out of the truck a little
  2. I've installed HIDs in the headlights and LEDs in the fogs in my 15. Both are in the 5000k temperature range. I'm very happy with the output from them.
  3. I have roughly 2.5-3" of lift with 275/70-18's. My seat is getting pretty worn at around 60k miles. It actually this month has finally worn through on the same spot that RaginCajun has described. I am 6' 1", I do however work for a construction company and use my truck on site quite frequently. I'm in and out of it probably 30-40 times a day or more so its used quite a bit on site. I just put steps on it after Christmas and my girlfriend and other co workers who drive it have said it makes a world of difference. I don't have any pics right now but if I remember later I'll try and take some.
  4. I prefer the square lines of my '15 but with that being said, I'm on the camp that wishes the square wheel wells didn't make it so difficult to stuff larger wheels in there.
  5. I think this is what I'm going to run next, I currently have 275/70r18 with 2.5" Level/lift and an AAL. I get aboud 15-17mpg in summer (I work the truck hard though), and have no rubbing issues. As AdamJ said, just do some investigation on where it does rub and you should be able to zip tie the liners back. I'm curious if you do trim or anything post some pics up. I'd be interested to see how they look at full lock.
  6. I need to move, lol. I still have over a foot on the wife's Acadia I have to clean off from the last storm. I'd love 7" to deal with
  7. The magnum racks just use the stake pocket to mount. They work with all between the rail covers. Same goes for the bed rails they make too. (Which are on the list for the future) Shes got a few icicles on her from the car wash but mostly clean. I’ve had enough of this below zero everyday when I wake up. I’d love some 20 degree days lol
  8. Rough Country 2.5 Level/Lift with an additional AAL installed in the rear. Stock rims plastidipped black with General AT2 275/70r18's. Don't have any great photos from the side but here's a few I had kicking around.
  9. Put on ICI Magnum RT Steps over the holidays. I'm very happy with the look and matches my headache rack well.
  10. Looks great! I think it came out awesome. I'm looking to order the Klearz smoke/clear lenses as well, seeing photos like these make me closer and closer to pulling the trigger.
  11. I just threw a custom exhaust on mine, V4 gave me drone, V8 sounds amazing. I have friends who say there truck doesn't make noise. My drone bugs me but my wife can't tell the difference when shes driving. I guess it comes down to preference and personal opinion.
  12. Over the Christmas break I ended up ordering a new Magnum headache rack, Magnum RT side steps, and had a custom stainless dual exhaust thrown on, Truxedo Duece tonneau cover is on the way and oh and it finally got warm enough to wash it yesterday!
  13. 14-16 Silverado rear bumper shell

    Still have this available? Is it the Summit White??
  14. For Sale: Range Technology AFM Disabler

    Reason for selling? I'm in windham, we're practically neighbors.
  15. For Sale- 20" Fuel Mavericks/Nitto Trail Grappler

    Chris wish I had the $ for that, pretty close to the set up I want, where in So. ME are you? Bump for a fellow Mainah (rare to come by)

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