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  1. Looks great! Just picked mine up today too with 2" front and awaiting tread decision. Glad I still had about an inch or so of rake left.
  2. Went with 2" RC. Ride loss VERY minimal. Waiting on treads until we know for sure if we are moving to Hawaii or not. More than happy with the stance. I wanted some rake left up front for any light towing/hauling.
  3. Did you supply the parts/kit? If so, what did you install??
  4. Sharp looking rig! What are you running up front? And may just be the angle, but anything in the rear?
  5. Are you running rear blocks or stock blocks? Looks sharp!!
  6. How big of a pain was this to do with the adjustable pedals??
  7. And are you running a 2" rear block? Truck looks extremely slick!
  8. I'm in Tampa. Sounds like a Mad Max price quote? They're a bit pricey. I'd search around some. Tough because there aren't many options here.
  9. How much maintenance is needed with the airbags? Any necessary bleeds for moisture or residue? I see they have a "Ride Control" kit and the load lifter kit for both under 300$. Which kit did you go with?
  10. Well, I am owning most of the blame for not just waiting to get it done and keep a close eye on it. Lesson definitely learned. So would you recommend going with some 6" springs and airbags? I'm leaning towards just popping out the OEM and slipping in an AAL, at least for now.
  11. Had my 7" FTS installed shortly before my last deployment. Got caught up and out the door without being able to do a solid follow-up. Turns out that the shop stacked the new block on the OEM blocks. Short story, I am going to remove OEM blocks, but should I replace the lift block with Springs to maintain some of the factory rake or should I keep the block and use an AAL? Would lift blocks, with an AAL, and adding bilsteins make the ride somewhat manageable? Just want to get the OEM blocks off ASAP and prevent any sort of twisting on the leafs.
  12. Sharp truck! Thanks for bringing the beach to me at work tonight ha
  13. I am at work now but will snap a few more when I roll out and get some measurements.

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