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  1. Stopping in for a visit here from the Silverado/Sierra Section. Hope you big SUV guys don't mind. I have a 2014 Silverado LTZ Z71 with the 18" RD1 wheels. I would like to paint them the color of the metallic grey (RD1)wheels that were available on the 2016 Tahoe and Suburban Z71's. Does anybody know anything about this paint? I would like to get that same color if possible. I asked the guy at the dealership and I got the deer in the headlight look. Any help appreciated, thanks in advance. Wheel pictured below:
  2. I am on the same track, was thinking that or a piece of decal release paper and an iron or something. Luckily these are all in the back seat. Just ticks me off when I see them!!
  3. Is there a simple fix or trick to removing or hiding light scratches in the interior plastic panels on the doors and behind the seats? Although I got a great deal on the truck, these scratches just drive me nuts!! Please see attached pics.
  4. DUMB GUY IN THE BUNCH HERE!! Is it showing what is available or what has already been done? If it aint been done how does one go about doing these upgrades?
  5. I did this to my 2015 LT. it's plug and play. Only 2 screws holding it in. Bought everything I needed n Ebay for about $100.00
  6. 2014 LTZ Z71 Double Cab

    Roll N Lock M Series Tonneau GM Accessories/Add ons: Bedsteps Hood Protector Bug Deflector Vent Visors Splash Guards Tie Down Hooks Under Seat Storage Exhaust Tip Assist Steps All Weather Floor Mats
  7. I use the NAPA Platinum filter. Guy at NAPA told me it's designed for synthetic oil for every other OLM filter interval. So far -so good.
  8. I bought one off of Ebay for $16.00. piece of junk. I bought another type by a company called Salex that is made in America. Very high quality for $22.00
  9. That's what's great about this forum. So many different ways to look at things and input from people with different tastes.
  10. Just wanted to put this out there for those who may be interested. All I did was paint the faces of the bars with silver paint using a foam brush. I included a couple pictures with and without painting the vertical bars. I have gotten lots of good feedback from friends on this. Sounds cheesy but I like it. I can't decide which I like best.
  11. I used a 1" foam brush and a can of silver paint. Figured if it didn't look good I could wipe it off but it works for me.

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