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  1. I bought a can of this stuff a couple years ago. $$$$$$ it was like 50 bucks
  2. I understand that I am not comparing apples to apples here but, in defense of the forward collision alert; it for sure saved the wife and I a trip to the hospital (if not the morgue) due to carelessness on my part(nagging on her part). It is a feature on her 2016 Maxima. semi truck in front of us just decided to stop for no reason while she was insisting I reset an alert on her dash while I was driving. I've never been in a wreck in my life, but this most certainly would have been the first. Immediately following this, I was on the hunt for a Silverado that had it. Now that I have one I'm glad that I made the move. Forward collision alert has only gone off once when I first bought it (had the sensitivity set too high). I use the safety alert seat not the beeps. the only time it goes off is when exiting or entering the freeway when crossing he dotted lines. Other than that I have no issues with it. All that said - if I had the option today with the Enhanced package being the only thing available on the new trucks, I'd be looking for a pre-owned model without the autonomous braking and lane keep assist. I'd like to add one more thing: why is it that we have to purchase trucks that have to be crammed with damn near every option available in order to get these safety features? Is it automatically assumed that WT's, LS's and most LT's don't need this? Or should it be standard and we just turn it off if we wish? It's some sort of "elite" marketing strategy if you ask me. OK, I'm done. Just don't just my two cents.
  3. I got a little creative with some Midnight Silver and Dark Argent wheel paint. Tires are Wrangler Fortitude.
  4. Ok, i’ll Try again: I had a 2015 without telescopic steering and it didn’t have that thingy in the dash bezel. i have a 2014 WITH telescopic steering and it HAS that thingy in the dash bezel. Somehow it’s related .
  6. Where can I buy from Delco catalogue for $14.00?
  7. Typically list for $1500 on Craigslist here down south.
  8. same reason why some people like Burger King and other's like McDonalds. It's an opinion. we all have them and rarely are they the same.
  9. I had this happen a month or so ago for the first time. It was right after a very hard driving rain. I found that the gasket on the cover doesn't fully seal out rain. I dried everything out with a heat gun and brushed silicone grease on the terminals. So far so good. I put some of that grease on the gasket as well.
  10. I've always thought that the factory Bowtie embedded in the bed liner spray looked bad @ss. Even if I had it I would be able to see it because of the Roll N Lock bed cover I have. I've been thinking of how to put the same thing on the housing where it would show.
  11. Do It!. I think it gives a sport/classy look to the truck. White letters out on mine:

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