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  1. I just took delivery of my 17 All Terrain but I paid extra for warranty that covers paint chips, scratches, dings, dents, debris that gets stuck on, windshield cracks, headlights etc etc. Basically anything cosmetic for the next five years. Would something like these wraps benefit me any? Just looking for yalls opinions.
  2. Sounds like a good trade. I just traded in my 15 LTZ with 50k miles for 30 even. They had offered 27 but I said id walk for anything less than my asking. Considering the work it needed (new windshield, shocks, brakes, tires, grill, bent side step) I would consider mine a win. Left the dealer with a 17 All Terrain. Congrats on the trade.
  3. I was looking around my neighborhood for any missing curbs when one caught the nerf bar bracket and bent the hell out of it making my passenger rail crooked. Does anyone know where I can get a set of OEM brackets without ordering the bars? 2015 Crew Cab Silverado. My dealerships and after market shops keep saying they only come with the bars.
  4. Yeah that piece! I have a new one but I don't know how to remove it. Access from underneath is extremely tight
  5. Does anyone know how to remove the front parking sensors on the 2015 LTZs? The mounting bracket broke for the driver side sensor, I have a replacement, I just can't seem to get what's left of the old one out. Pls don't tell me the whole bumper has to come off. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I looked around for a while and couldn't find anything.
  6. Mine is completely stock and does the same thing under moderate/heavy throttle. Kinda sounds like a paint can being shaken, it's definitely mechanical. Hope someone can chime in.
  7. Before tax and bs fees. 39.5 was all inclusive.
  8. 2015 Crew Cab LTZ Texas Edition (Longhorn edition) 5.3 2wd, fully loaded Sticker 48 Dealer invoice 43 Walk out 38
  9. So they can give me 3 cigarette lighters, 5 USB ports, 1 SD card reader and 1 120V outlet but they can't install a simple auto up function on my passenger side window? What a load.
  10. I'm looking to change out the passenger window control switch for one that does the 'auto up' also, like the one on the drivers side. So basically I want to take a drivers side switch and put it on the passenger side, and in the driver's side controls for the passenger side. Has anyone else done this? If so how hard was it to remove the trims?
  11. Do you have a part # for the mirror? How hard was install? Bump bump bump
  12. Has anyone done a color match on a sunset metallic orange truck? I've been looking into getting it done along with a high Country grill swap, but I'd like to see it before I jump in
  13. I've had my 15 LTZ for three weeks when I noticed that occasionally the dimmer switch will not control the cluster brightness. With the headlights on I can toggle the switch all day and the cluster and stereo screen stay at the same intensity but the AC buttons do change in brightness as intended. It's an intermittent problem that couldn't be replicated at the dealership. They reflashed the software and said no issues were found, but it started up again as soon as I left. (lucky me it was right at closing time so I couldn't go back). I took a video (which I can't upload from mobile) and will be going back soon, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue. Furthermore when this issues happens with the dimmer switch the stereo volume automatically adjusts itself to a new level and seems to go flat in tone. Any input or workaround would be appreciated.

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