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  1. yellow is left turn green is right turn and brown is marker white is always ground
  2. they might look cool but they have small projectors and poor light output you will still need a hid kit or maybe led bulb just to see at night. not the same truck but these lights in a 2007 silverado suck
  3. 2014 front axle

    thanks guys was hoping the new trucks were like the 2500s
  4. 2014 front axle

    i have a 2014 chev with a vibration and clunk in the front end can i drive the truck with the front left axle shaft removed or do i need hub end in to keep the bearing tight
  5. mine does the same thing but only in 4 cylinder mode let me know what you find out i am at the same mieage
  6. Fires but dont start

    check the ground wire for the pump maybe corroded and causing the pump to draw to much current
  7. yes replaced harness due to a short to marker lights trailer is good this problem is in the truck owner now tells me that sometimes when he puts the left signal on the 4 ways flash i told to buy a new signal switch will let you know if that fixes the problem
  8. ground points 2.pdfloose connection or cororsion maybe ground at zone 18 ground points 2.pdf ground points 2.pdf ground points 2.pdf
  9. replaced wiring at the back of the truck , all lights function on the truck but when i hook up the trailer and step on the brake pedal no right hand brake light, turn of right signal and light flashes. all marker lights work and the electric brakes work. when i turn on left signal both signals flash on the trailer but the truck still functions normally. i tested plug on the truck and it does put power to both signals when the left signal is on. traced all the wiring in truck and cant find a problem. could the signal switch be putting power to both trailer signals and the truck still function normally
  10. brothers new gmc slt ccsb is the same way beautiful on the highway but on rough country roads it will bounce your $ss of the rear seat
  11. living in michigan road salt stainless and alumium bad combination
  12. Multiple spun pinion bearings and gear noise.

    if the bearing cups have spun in the axle housing then its garbage
  13. 96 Sierra K1500, Misfires until full throttle applied

    intake manifold gaskets
  14. The flex plate is bolted to the back of the crank and the torque converter has 4 bolts that attach it to the flex plate
  15. gm uses a drain wire thats why it takes a few seconds for the display to switch back after switching out of reverse, your aftermarket camera might not have this

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