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  1. Interchangeable Trans

    anything 99 to 2004
  2. have you checked the fluid level ,running on flat ground. what color is the tranny fluid and how many miles are on it
  3. that mileage and age would be checking intake gaskets
  4. 2013 GMC SIERRA 5.3 lifter issue

    if a lifter when bad it may have damaged the cam and that makes the job a lot more complicated
  5. your truck has sensor for flex fuel it sounds like it is reading wrong considering it is saying to much ethanol i would change the sensor
  6. ABS problem

    the speed sensor is an electric pulse with going to 4.56 gears the driveshaft is spinning faster and producing more pps a good tuner can recalibrate for gears and tire sizes so the tuner may correct your probem
  7. ABS problem

    the front whee are sending a different speed signal than the rear not much you can do until youu match the front you cod pull the fuse and the abs light will be on but the abs wont work
  8. New guy - Old truck

    welcome and nice truck keep that one if it is your daily driver, you get a new one and you will daily drive it back to the dealership lol really wish i kept my 2006
  9. on my truck it sucks anything below 10 degrees and i have to manually turn the steering wheel back to the center position 2014 ccsb 4x4
  10. Superbowl

    was a great game or those who enjoy football and now its over and the whiners will have to find some other post to whine in
  11. do a pressure check losing everything sounds lie a pump failure or valve body problem
  12. i have 25k on mine they make a little more noise at low speeds but the same at highway. i have 70k on the truck now might be a bearing at that mileage
  13. 8" mylink conversion kit

    i will pm you i am in canada and need to ship to us address
  14. 8" mylink conversion kit

    do you take paypal
  15. if it is 4 wheel drive the speed sensor is on the back of the transfer case it has a 2 wire plug . remove the sensor and see if it is covered with metal filings if it is clean it and change oil in transfer case

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