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  1. Fuel gauage

    if the gauge stays above full then the wires are shorted together no resistance if it is stuck below empty high resistance check the ground on the frame
  2. i might have to consider not to upgrade my truck after hearing this i drove in a snow storm last night for half an hour with my 2014 and no problem
  3. REDUCED ENGINE POWER 2017 Chevy Silverado

    how cold if below freezing might be bad gas get the codes read and post them
  4. Thanx for responding to my post and answering my questions. I was wondering if you could recommend a scanner tool for me to scan my reverse sensors! Thanx again!

  5. big block v6

    the glory days when no one cared about fuel mileage
  6. was way up northern ontario no where near a stealership did it my self
  7. Continuous Illumination of Reverse Sensor Button

    if one sensor fails then system doesnt work need to get a scan tool or someone to scan it
  8. probably just a bad seal replaced my driver side at 20k and i have over 60k now and it is still ok
  9. do you have remote start a faulty hood switch might prevent it from starting
  10. check under the driver seat there is an air bag module under there that gets corroded and will make your dash look like a christmas tree of lights. friend of mine with a 2007 silverado nb just went through this. got a new module off of ebay and had it programmed and now has no probems
  11. considering you plan on keeping the vehicle for awhile i wold go with the new engine. afm lifter problems can also take out the camshaft
  12. great work phil now i know the wiring i am going to modify for a drop down step for my mother she is 93 and has hard time getting in to the truck thanks again phil

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