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  1. Selling my better than new 2015 Sierra 1500 Denali. Truck is perfect in every way. Not a single issue and it is beautiful. I'll post pics tomorrow, have to upload them. Only selling to fund mid life crisis sports car asking $46k Truck Specifics: 2015 GMC SIERRA 1500 DENALI 6.2l engine 2700 miles. Yes, that is only two thousand seven hundred miles in 14 months. Every possible option except max tow package Crew cab and 6.5 ft standard bed Blue exterior, jet black interior Extras: Expel Ultimate clear bra. Complete Front end, headlights, door cups. AMP Research powersteps AMP Research Bedstep 2 steps. One on each side. Fold a cover G4 Elite hard folding tonneau. Husky floor liners GM Under rear seat storage box Bed rug. Bottom and tailgate, not sides AMP Research Bed Extender
  2. I guess I should actually change mine. Truck only has 2700 miles on it but is about 13 months old. Still have plenty on OLM.
  3. I don't buy that it drops to zero after a year. I have a 2015 Sierra Denali with about 2700 miles on it. I need to change it now, but my OLM still says about 30 percent and I have never changed the oil. Bought it last Aug,
  4. Good investment with the AMPS. They are fantastic. As most have said - probably the best addition I have made to the truck. With respect to the badging, I am one of the strange ones that likes the badge. And I even think the chrome offsets the color you have on the truck very nicely. I would leave it.
  5. Wow - I get 22 on the highway with my 6.2. That sounds like dodge mileage
  6. Edited my original post and believe it to be correct. Let me know if it's not Day.
  7. Agreed Day. I'll edit the post above to ensure we are putting out good info but the calculations are the same - it just means that in number 2 above, all that stuff cannot equal more than 7200 which is the GVWR. The rest of the calculations. Thanks for the backup! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  8. Basically it depends on what you have in the truck. Very confusing I know, but if I have it correct, I think of it this way: 1 - You have a max of 9100lbs that you can tow behind you. But unfortunately there are other things that could potentially reduce that amount. 2 - The GVW is the truck curb weight (5302) plus ANYTHING else in or on the truck. So if your truck empty, plus you, your dog, your spouse, and all of your luggage and camping stuff in the bed weigh 6500lbs, then that is your GVW. The GVW cannot exceed the GVWR - which is 7200lbs. 3 - Since you can also NOT exceed the total 15000 GCWR, you must first figure out how much your truck is loaded up with stuff and people (your GVWR) - in the above example it is 6500, and subtract that from 15000 to get the total weight of vehicle you can tow. In this example it would mean you could not tow a camper of more than 8500lbs. A couple of other considerations. Many people want a little "fluff" in their numbers so they add 10-20% depending on the individual. That means that if you take 20% of 8500 (which is 1700) and subtract it from the 8500, the max weight of the trailer you could tow is 6800lbs. (again - given our example where your loaded truck weighs 6500lbs). Trailer weight is always listed as empty. They are NEVER empty. You have water, sewage, vittles, clothes, pots, pans...you get the picture. So make sure you take that into account. Hope that helps.
  9. These guys are great. Quick shipping and colors are spot on. http://www.automotivetouchup.com/
  10. You have to use an image hosting site. I use Flickr. Good mobile app too. Then you pull the link from it and insert into the forum post. I'll try and provide more details later but can't now. Thanks!
  11. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/181989-2016-gmc-headlights-in-a-2015/page-3 Again - no direct knowledge, just what's on this thread above.
  12. Wish I knew. There are multiple threads on it though, and it's mentioned here as well as on the consumer complaint site (again, referenced in one of these threads).
  13. Sure - Some dealerships have apparently converted/installed the 2016 headlamp assemblies into 2014/2015 trucks in response to customer complaints regarding poor lighting. My question is basically - how did they do it, and did it work right?

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