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  1. Go ahead and take me off the list for the XB Fogs, I found a set for $150. Guys, they are worth the money!
  2. Oh my bad! I looked closer, and I can indeed see it. They are amazing. So glad to see this!!
  3. From what I hear they came in the hunter green 2016 trucks, but I can not find a single one.
  4. Looks very good!! How does the drl look? Your truck looks amazing my friend.
  5. Looks great! Waiting for my harness for front and back to be ready so I can do this exact thing. How are you liking them so far?
  6. Awesome to finally see the chrome version installed! Can't wait to get mine installed once the harness gets here
  7. Thanks a lot for the advice. I am very aware as to what you are referring to, unfortunately I have tried both android and an ios device and both do the same thing. However, I have noticed the iPhone is definitely worse when it comes to this issue for whatever reason. Interesting...yet frustrating! Thanks again! Austin
  8. Hello, I am just curious to see if anyone has had any trouble with streaming their music via bluetooth. I am getting random hiccups, a lot of times at the beginning of a song, and randomly throughout and it seriously ruins the experience of it for me. I am talking like a full second or two. I have tried several different phones and all do the same thing. My phone calls seems to be okay though, though I don't use that feature much. It's just very frustrating and was wondering if anyone has had this happen or can recommend a fix besides D/L Aux cord. Thank you for your time! I have a '15 Sierra A/T if that helps at all. Austin
  9. Hey bud! I had a little bit of rub at full lock, so I had to zip tie the felt back in the wheel well and now I have zero issues with rub. You will not be disappointed!
  10. Thank you guys, I am thoroughly enjoying every minute. So I went with a 2.5" level lift and for tires I went with Toyo Open Country M/T 275/65r20.
  11. Got the front level on and the tires (Toyo Open Country M/T 275/65r20) today. Ran out of time due to family things. Putting the rear blocks on tomorrow!
  12. Oh, I understand now. I appreciate the explanation! Ok, there's still hope...there's still hope.

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