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  1. My 2017 6 speed has almost 1000 miles on it and downshifts like crap too. I can hear it clunk into a lower gear about half the time. If I stop very slowly it won’t do it, but if I have a moderate stop it clunks every time. shame, it upshifts perfectly
  2. While this is cool, I have this feeling my new iphone battery is going to get fried over the course of a year.
  3. I found it somewhere.. I can't seem to find it now... if I remember correctly it has to do with the difference in wattage output in 2017 and lower model year vehicles; the iphone x requires a higher input wattage to start and maintain the charging process. After you go through all the trouble, you will get the iphone x to connect for a few seconds and then disconnect and it won't continue charging. Best of luck, though. If you get different results please report back!
  4. Here you go -- don't waste your time... https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208148 That is why we have been asking if we can get updated chargers or console lids from the 2018 model trucks.
  5. It won't work -- the 2018s have an updated charger that works with the new iphones
  6. It looks like the 2016-2017 lids on ebay or only $150. That seems reasonable and can sell the old one just the same way.
  7. Let us know when you find part numbers. I would like a part number for the whole console lid.... I think it would be easier to just switch out the hole top instead of tearing it apart... should be a few bolts and good to go.
  8. Has anybody replaced their console lid with one from the 2018 truck that has the updated charging station?
  9. Does anybody with a 2017 have a downshift clunk from 2 -> 1? I know the 2017 8 speeds had a software update, has anybody with a 6 speed had their TCM updated?
  10. The 6 speed on this 2017 is a clunky hunk of crap. I only have 600 miles... but it better smooth out....
  11. For those with a 2017 and the 6 speed... How many miles did it take for your truck to shift better? I am at 400 miles now, and it is very clunky on the downshift, worse than it was at 100 miles.... Anybody have any insight as to how long the learn mode takes? I hope it gets better.
  12. Pending payment on the range device
  13. Thanks for all the questions everybody; Range is still for sale.
  14. Received... diablosport tuner is sold!

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